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Electric Honda Super Cub

Electric Honda Super Cub

It took longer than expected, but it looks like we should be looking forward to the electric Super Cub soon, which Honda showed off its concept back in 2015. How is this known? From the American Patent and Trademark Office. The patent was filed back in 2016 and was recently published (July 23, 2020).

Super-quiet Honda Super Cub

The patent illustrates the design of not even a motorcycle, but the structure of the battery module, from which the super-quiet Honda Super Cub will work. Judging by the sketches, the battery is located at the lowest point of the frame, which is very typical – this way it is possible to significantly lower the center of gravity. But what is atypical is the mechanism for its replacement.

The Honda Super Cub battery is removable for easy charging – this is understandable and already familiar. But it doesn’t just slide into its compartment and is covered by the body kit cover. It leans to the side along with the compartment, which makes access to the battery much more convenient: it is easier to put in place (it just slides to the bottom of the tilted compartment), and small sliders on the back of the battery allow it to be positioned correctly.

Simple, how everything is ingenious – and although it seems that this is not the most innovative solution in the world, the fact itself is pleasant. Patents do not always translate into production motorcycles, but at least we understand that some work has been (or is) being done in this direction.

If the electric Honda Super Cub does appear, it will be an excellent addition to the modern Honda lineup, and even more so it will decorate the modern electric vehicle market. No wonder the customizers Shanghai Customs have created a set to turn a regular Cub into an electric version. And if Honda manages to make a serial product of high quality and inexpensive, they have an excellent chance to conquer the world once again.

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