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Electric pickup from Tesla Model S

Electric pickup from Tesla Model S

Tesla plans to launch an electric pickup this year. That’s great and all, but what if you need to move a couple of electric motorcycles somewhere in the desert now, and you don’t want to burn gasoline at the same time?


This problem was recently successfully solved by Michael Brim from EV West with a friend. The guys periodically spent the weekend in the desert, driving out there in a Ford F-150 with a pair of electric bikes and spending quite an impressive amount on fuel. Somewhere in the process, the thought arose that something had to be done about it, and so the Teslamino project arose.

By the nature of its business, EV West buys Tesla cars for parts (they take batteries and other components from them), so the company had a number of these devices in the warehouse. And in general, it so happened that Brim and his friends took a grinder, chose a working copy of the Model S and began to cut off piece by piece.

Electric pickup from Tesla Model S

When the smoke cleared, they knew they were on the cusp of something important. The car retained its structural integrity, but with the rear roof section removed, it was roomy enough for a pair of e-bikes.

Project “Teslamino electric pickup” not yet complete, but judging by Brim’s words, the final version will be, and it will be just great. The plans include: flattening the body cuts, closing the cab, installing wide Goodyear Wranglers tires on 19-inch rims, raising the car a few centimeters, installing additional front lights and a protective cage at the rear. The transport capabilities of the motorcycles will also be improved: it is planned to add restraints for the front wheels in the body, so that the motorcycles are attached as securely as possible. And an additional 16 kWh battery will be added under the hood, capable of recharging the batteries of electric vehicles, providing many hours of almost free and eco-friendly driving.

When Teslamino is ready, we will definitely tell you more about it, but for now you can admire the pictures and write in the comments what you think about it.

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