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Energica works on motorcycle safety system

Energica works on motorcycle safety system

Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer Energica is renowned for its seductive sports bike designs. In addition, it is this company that supplies motorcycle seats for the recently opened MotoE class. The manufacturer is already familiar with modern technologies, but nevertheless is going to take one more step forward. Like other, larger companies, Energica has turned its attention to safety issues.

Motorcycle safety system

For its new project, the company has joined forces with a German university. Motorcycle safety systems have been in the background for a long time. Partly because modern safety systems are difficult to adapt to two-wheeled vehicles, partly because the riders themselves do not want them, but want to feel their iron horse and control it at will. But this did not stop some companies, and they, no matter what, tried to adapt the modern safety systems used on other vehicles for motorcycles. Object detection outside the driver’s line of sight, rear view cameras and lane change assist are increasingly popular terms in the motorcycle industry.

When it comes to technology, Energica is not ready to be left out, which is why they are working on their own lane change assist system. The project was named E2R. Energica engineers are working on it in collaboration with the German University of Applied Sciences Saar School of Technology and Economics.

The technology is a system of cameras that scan “blind spots”, monitor the distance to other vehicles in the front and rear, and “help” the rider to make a decision (while Energica does not tell in what form the system sends warnings and how it helps).

The University’s development team says:

For us, safety is the most important factor when it comes to riding a motorcycle. It is for this reason that we started developing the sensor system here in Saarbrücken. We are very pleased that such an innovative and influential company as Energica has become our partner in this challenging endeavor.

Based on the fact that the main specialization of the company is electric motorcycles, the developed system can be applied to any two-wheeled vehicle.

It looks like there is a new entrant in the race for the best motorcycle safety system.

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