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Equipment cleaning, what else do you need to know about it?

Cleaning motorcycle equipment is like washing dishes after the holidays. You look at all this and you are so lazy … but you must, but laziness. Do you remember that each type of equipment, in accordance with its types of materials, requires its own approaches to cleaning and washing? Therefore, before supplementing the advice on the care of equipment, I would like to remind the main thing:

“Cleaning and maintaining your helmet. Always like new”

“How to care for textile pants”

“How to take care of leather equipment”

“Thermal underwear – how to wear and wash it correctly?”

Why is it important to clean your equipment?

Cleaning your gear is not just hygiene, it can seriously extend the life of things. A trivial example: you bought equipment with a membrane that should remove excess moisture. But they didn’t wash their clothes, they seemed to be clean, why? And the next season, they suddenly began to notice that you are sweating, moisture does not leave, the membrane does not breathe. All why? The pores are clogged, so the membrane does not fulfill its intended tasks. You complain that you bought a thing in vain, that after a season it can no longer cope, but in fact, all because of poor care for it.

Complete equipment is washed at least twice a season: at the beginning and at the end. In the middle of the season, the equipment is monitored and kept clean.

Moral: the work of caring for equipment allows protective fabrics to fulfill their direct functions, and proper washing will prolong their life. At the same time, if insufficient care has caused damage to the equipment, it is unlikely that you will receive it back under warranty. Don’t forget to look at the tips for tips on how to properly wash your gear.

Foreign odors

One of the main reasons for washing equipment. Among the different types of protection, leather products absorb odors most of all and they also hardly part with them. To prevent your gear from becoming a hotbed of odors so quickly, try to wear fresh clothes under it every time. If you are traveling on a long journey, then take care to bring a change of clothes. Firstly, it will be more pleasant for you to ride in a clean one, and secondly, the equipment will not pick up odors. For the same reason, it is necessary to wear a comforter, wash it more often. About this in the article (“Is the comforter really needed?”).

There is always a certain proven way of Masha’s grandmother or Fedya’s grandfather from a nearby garage, how to wash equipment so that it doesn’t smell. Mix a glass of hydrogen peroxide with ammonia and the gas attack of the smell of sweat will be replaced by a chemical weapon of folk remedies. What for? The motorcycle industry offers a good selection of chemicals for cleaning equipment and hiding odors, foams and deodorants, sprays. Deodorants for shoes are a hot topic because washing a motorcycle is usually the most time-consuming part of taking care of your gear. Due to the closed and narrow space of the shoe, it dries longer and unevenly. Deodorants will allow you to get rid of odors during wearing until you are completely cleaned. By the way, some motorcyclists use shoe deodorants to hide odors in their moto jackets.

Cleaning after rain, sand and mud

It happens that you got caught in the rain or the road was sandy and muddy. You come home as if you came back from the front. After rain, many pilots find it sufficient to simply dry their equipment. But this is not enough. The fact is that due to moisture, all the dirt / dust that has accumulated before is soaked, penetrates the pores of the fabric, rolls down at the joints of the seams. Therefore, no matter how you want to get off with a regular drying, you should wipe the equipment well. And if we are talking about the skin, then do not forget to treat it with special creams, otherwise the skin will become “hungry” – it will dry out, may lose its shine and other accompanying consequences.

With regard to sand and dirt, they will destroy lightning and membrane pores. Motocross and enduro pilots joke that after the track they only need to wash off the Karcher. And ordinary townspeople who are unlucky enough to be on a muddy track should immediately wipe off their equipment so as not to accumulate sandy mountains in secret corners of protection. It is useful to process metal parts, buttons, zippers so that they do not rust, deteriorate, and last longer.

The helmet and turtle should also be wiped clean while wearing. Insects that have crashed on the floor are easier to wipe off dirt immediately.

A few words about dry cleaning

When the moment comes for a complete cleaning, the pilots go to dry cleaning. It should be noted right away that not every outfit is accepted and not everywhere. The main questions arise in the direction of leather products; ordinary dry cleaners may refuse to accept tricolor overalls, jackets due to the danger of color mixing. The more colors in the leather outfit, the harder it is for the dry cleaner to do their job.

Nowadays, many motorcyclists turn to specialized dry cleaners who know exactly how to return their equipment to a decent look. Companies that work closely with motorcycle culture quickly realized that dry cleaning for motorcycle equipment was a good idea and organized a similar type of service. Civilian dry cleaners with motorcycle equipment are less common, so problems can arise when the membrane or leather is too delicate and does not match the level of dry cleaning equipment.

In any case, you choose the method of cleaning. Most importantly, do not forget about this important ritual.

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