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Equipment for sportbike owners – what is it like?

Among the equipment for sports riding there are well-established elements of protection and materials, such as leather, motorcycle overalls or an integral helmet. Why exactly are they? The main function of equipment for sportbike owners is anti-slip, in other words, abrasion resistant.

– Why abrasion, you ask.

The point is in the nature of the ride and in the way of maneuvering. In the articles on injuries, we considered what injuries a person receives depending on certain accidents.

Sports motorcycles are more inclined to handle than other classes. The increased speed in combination with asphalt and tilt angles sooner or later gives out a loss of control and enchanting sparks on the surface, burned out by the sliders and the plastic of the bike. Among amateurs and professionals, there are “shock” accidents, but the bulk, according to statistics, gets to know the sliding car in almost any fall.

So what kind of gear should a sportbike owner look for?

All sports motorcycle equipment, in addition to increased abrasion resistance, should contribute to the best aerodynamics. Such protection should not have any protruding parts that could be strengthened to resist the wind, thereby obstructing the rider.

Motorcycle helmet

Sportbike pilots usually choose integral helmets. The completely one-piece design is considered the most reliable. It is also advised to take it to beginners, regardless of class, for ease of use and the minimum amount of potentially dangerous parts.

The angrier the sportbike and the higher the speeds at which you are going to ride, the more serious the equipment should be. And this is not marketing, but common sense combined with physics, because no one has canceled the formula for speed for mass. For professionals who are ready to compete for the title of the fastest motorcycle not only in the city, but also on special tracks, helmets are always of the integral type. Urban folks can afford flip-up helmets, but this is not so common.

Do not neglect the liner, it is more convenient to ride with it, and the lining of the helmet will stay clean longer.


The suit is suitable for motorcyclists who claim the title of “pro”, as it is not very comfortable for everyday driving. A person who chooses a jumpsuit does this for two reasons: he knows exactly what he needs and why, the second – have not yet felt the intricacies of driving around the city in a jumpsuit when it is necessary to change clothes, arriving at work.

When it comes to track and professionalism, the jumpsuit is undoubtedly a good choice because it fully protects the pilot’s body. The biggest rock thrown in the direction of separate sets of clothing is the danger of bulging the jacket and exposing the back in an accident. Such flaws do not happen with one-piece overalls.

Motorcycle jackets

Motorcycle jackets for sport bikes are mainly made of leather or materials that are close to leather in terms of characteristics. These are necessarily fitted models, strictly according to the anatomical cut. For the townspeople there are also textile options.

Built-in back and shoulder panels are designed to protect the rider’s body. The jackets do not have a pronounced aerodynamic hump, only inserts on the back are indicated.

Sportbike-fit jackets have a slightly curved fit and tapered sleeves for long gloves. A distinctive feature may be the ability to clip the motorcycle jacket to the motorcycle pants.


Also fitted models made of leather or materials close to it, with additional inserts on the knees and hips.

The trousers include elasticated elements for a comfortable ride in a sporty fit. Tapered at the hem of the legs for a comfortable combination with tall boots. The zippers are sewn in so as not to cause inconvenience to the pilot, elastic straps allow you to bend down to the bike in a sporty position.


Traditionally, sportbike boots are tall. To protect the ankle and prevent the leg from snagging when falling or slipping. The edges of the pants are tucked into the boot. High shoes provide additional insurance against twisting joints, twisting or impacts.

Moto gloves

The models are available in both long and short versions, but professionals prefer to use the long versions. Gloves are worn over the sleeve of a motorcycle jacket so that the headwind does not blow into the sleeve and does not wrap the edges. Short models are good on hot days. They are in demand among urban motorcyclists.

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