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Everything for a motorcyclist in the offseason

So, autumn quickly ended, beautiful golden leaves were replaced by bare branches, and in the morning puddles on the roads are covered with a white border of ice. Yes, winter is coming.

We have collected the most useful materials in one article so that the winter will pass successfully and with the greatest benefit.

The first thing to decide is whether you will continue to ride, whether the motorcycle needs repairs, or is there enough regular maintenance? Where to go for winter storage and is there a suitable garage?

What to do in the offseason

Traditionally, in the off-season, motorcyclists are divided into those who still ride a motorcycle somewhere outside the city, someone change to ATVs or snowmobiles, and someone is busy with repairs and other household problems.

We talked about this in the articles:

“What to do in the offseason for a motorcyclist?”

In addition to repairing your own motorcycle in winter, active work begins on the construction of unique custom projects or the restoration of motorcycles. Indeed, few people want to spend the summer in the garage, but when the weather ceases to please, and the room is heated, a burst of work on mistakes and implementation of plans begins.

Riding in the off season

Those who have everything in order with the technique can take additional driving courses, raise their skill and get ready to transfer to something more powerful. Many are planning upcoming travels.

If snow drifts and ice do not stop you from riding a motorcycle, then you can think about improvements and remember some of the subtleties of behavior on the road.

I announce in advance reviews on heated steering wheel, heated visor and heated equipment in general.


In the off-season, the active phase begins for the selection of new equipment, cleaning the current one and storing it until spring. If you are still on horseback, then you need to warm up and take care of your health, because it is in the off-season that it is easiest to catch a cold. We discussed this in the articles:

Check if you have all of your winter riding gear? We’ve covered the essentials for traveling in the cold:

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