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Exception to the rule: what are they wearing under the knee pads?

If you ask the professionals:

– How to wear knee pads correctly?

The bulk will begin to correctly instruct, they say, exclusively under clothes and nothing else! They will be right. Because knee pads over clothes are at least unsafe. And yes, it looks, frankly, like flip flops with socks! A common way to wear knee pads is on a naked body or, in extreme cases, on thermal pants.

Almost no one will immediately think of one piece of equipment that is a useful exception – compression stockings.

What is this piece of equipment?

For most people, the word “stockings” is associated with a woman’s wardrobe, while in the context of an outfit it is a universal item. The essence of compression stockings is additional protection of the knee joint, namely, a reliable base under the knee pad.

The motorholes do not have a transition to the foot, but they cover a fairly large part of the leg. Although motorcycle shorts often compete with them in functionality, provided they are elongated. The material of the stockings is elastic and, of course, is responsible for thermoregulation, so that sweat does not accumulate under the fabric.

What are compression stockings for?

With the development of the Internet, the exchange of information is much faster, which allows motorcyclists to constantly improve their level of knowledge. The structure of the lycra material from which the stockings are made is such that it allows you to fix the knee pad so that it fits snugly and does not allow the flap to scroll or change its position.

Opponents of wearing knee pads over clothing argue that the protection at the moment of impact begins to roll or slide out along with the clothing. Motorcycles are designed in such a way that this does not happen, the material does not slide over the skin and does not twist.

Oftentimes, knee pads can be uncomfortable. This is why some motorcyclists are so keen to put knee pads on their clothes so as not to chafe their skin. They cry that the belts from the knee pads are rubbing and the edge cuts, sweats, peels off. The stitch is designed to make wearing a knee pad comfortable and as effective as possible!

Pros of wearing stockings:

  • No rubbing of the skin with the belts of the knee pads
  • Thermoregulation between the skin and the lining of the knee pad
  • The knee pad does not rotate and does not move out of the anatomically designated place

Who will need moto stockings?

Those who are not far from medicine will begin to remember that compression stockings, in principle, are prescribed for varicose veins (for prevention too), for injuries and after operations, for problems with lymph drainage and … with static loads. The latter, by the way, is our option if you are planning a long ride.

Pilots choose moto stockings not because of their medical conditions (although who knows, everyone determines for themselves). Motorcycle bikes are popular among active types of motorcycle culture such as motocross, enduro, stunt riding. Wherever a fall is expected, it would be good to think about fixing knee pads, and who but these desperate guys / girls collect bumps with their knees ten times a day?

Output: If you are actively developing motorcycle riding experience or participating in areas in which falls are more normal than accidental, then moto stockings can serve you well.

Contrary to the prevailing fear of stiffness in movements, I note that the stockings do not limit the range of your movements. You will quickly get used to them, and the straps from the knee pads will not even feel so obvious.

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