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Expert Ivan Gorev spoke about buying a motorcycle from his hands

Buying a motorcycle off-hand is not as easy as it seems at first glance. A purchase is, first of all, a deal in which everyone is trying to stay in the black and not sell too cheap. In pursuit of profit and trying to buy a decent motorcycle for less money, motorcyclists make gross mistakes. Ivan Gorev, an expert in buying and repairing motorcycles, spoke to Partner-Moto about the intricacies of choosing a bike in the secondary market and common situations.

Ivan believes that the most common mistake buyers make is over-excitement.

– Excitement before buying does not allow you to look at the technique soberly and carefully study all the details before making a final decision, – says Ivan.

Psychological aspects, such as fuss or rush, can come back to haunt the buyer with missed “calls” indicating hidden defects and upcoming repairs. The situation is classic, when you bring a motorcycle you just bought to the garage, you start to examine it calmly and notice new flaws. But there is no one to bargain with.

– Rarely, when a motorcycle looks tired, it can surprise with the excellent condition of the engine. If the owner does not monitor the external condition of the motorcycle, it is most likely technically in poor condition too. At the same time, an outwardly well-prepared motorcycle for sale does not at all mean its same technical condition, – the expert warns.

Indeed, a clever salesperson can put a superficial marafet on a bike before showing it to the buyer, hoping to impress and hide the real state of affairs. Therefore, even a motorcycle that is well-groomed at first glance needs to be thoroughly examined.

At the first meeting with the seller, you should be on your guard, seeing modifications that should not be in the bike. By the parts used for the repair, you can identify a hack or a broken copy. Sometimes it makes no sense to even start and listen to such motorcycles.

Ivan believes that “a motorcycle that has been in an accident and restored by the collective farm method from feces and sticks” does not deserve the attention of a serious buyer. If you came to the ad and saw something like that, then there is clearly nothing to catch there, except for rare surviving spare parts … but they are unlikely to be there in their original virgin form.

You should also be careful with broken motorcycles and their restored versions. Sometimes motorcyclists succumb to the temptation to buy a model they like cheaply, cherish the hope of repairing the beaten “sufferer” and have no idea what kind of black hole it is to pour money in.

– A person who does not know how to repair a motorcycle and does not have either time or space for this should not buy a bike after an accident. Having given a broken motorcycle to a service for repair, he will end up paying more money than buying good equipment right away! – Ivan is sure.

Inherited bike

What about buying motorcycles from heirs? In life, different things happen, sometimes motorcycles are inherited, and the family does not even know which side to approach them. And if, in addition, the bike caused the death of the driver, the heirs want to get rid of it as soon as possible. In this case, prices for motorcycles can be charged significantly lower than market prices, thereby attracting inexperienced buyers.

– We rarely buy such motorcycles. The main problem there is not even that the seller does not know anything about the motorcycle. We ourselves can understand his condition, without any stories. The problem is in the correct documents that allow you to sell equipment, – explains Ivan.

In the modern world, a package of documents for a motorcycle is as important as its technical condition. Problems with heritage motorcycles arise when the buyer does not know that the purchase agreement alone is not enough to register. At the same time, the heirs of such subtleties also do not know that all they want is to get rid of the motorcycle as soon as possible and get money.

During his work, Ivan considers the selection of a BMW K100 with a sidecar to be the most unusual motorcycle to buy from his hands. And the most insidious class is sportbikes.

– The hardest thing is to find a good sport bike. They are often used on the track and then sold without mentioning it. They are also used by fraudsters in fake accidents in order to receive a payment from an insurance company, – says Ivan. – Mostly “hot” guys ride sports bikes, not realizing that they don’t know how to ride, but nevertheless ride fast … And most often they get into accidents.

In addition to sportbikes, it is difficult to make a successful purchase of a motorcycle “from under an athlete” in other areas – cross, enduro, stunt riding. A bike with a history of a training projectile will require the new owner of the next injections of money to replace consumables worn out by training and eliminate the consequences of frequent falls. On the other hand, successful examples of the transition of motorcycles from athlete to athlete are not excluded, but the success is explained by the fact that the buyer has straight hands and an understanding of the way of their application.

Is it cheap – perhaps?

Another common not so much a myth as a stereotype is that “a motorcycle is sold in good condition because a girl drove.” Such a description occurs with some frequency and implies that the bike was not particularly raped, they even tried to take care of it, at least they washed it more often. Is it worth believing in such descriptions as a guarantee of the safety of equipment and justification of the requested cost?

– Even if it is written, it only means that it is written. Nothing more. It is necessary to do diagnostics of the motorcycle in order to understand its condition. And who and how drove it, a girl or a grandfather – it doesn’t matter, – says Ivan. – This does not mean that the equipment was well serviced. Or rather they didn’t even serve. After all, the girl may not hear an extraneous sound in the motor. She will definitely notice only a scratch on the tank from her motorboat after another photo shoot for Instagram.

In any situation, no matter how beautiful the motorcycle looks at the first acquaintance with it, whoever rides it, an experienced expert advises a thorough check so that the purchase has a reasonable cost. All other descriptions that tell the history of the motorcycle are used as an addition to such facts as the condition of the main components, compression in the engine, wear of tires, pads, chains, etc.

An undervalued motorcycle is not a good sign. Buying a cheaply decent motorcycle from your hands is a rare coincidence.

– These are exceptions when the seller needs money urgently, and he sells cheaply. Or he is not guided by the market price. A priori, a good thing cannot be cheap, and you must understand this, if you are not a dreamer, – explains Ivan.

Whenever you are in doubt about buying an inspected motorcycle, it is best to play it safe and turn to knowledgeable professionals for advice, because the “stingy pays twice” rule is still valid today.

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