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Features of riding a motorcycle in the fall, what to expect?

Quite a few motorcyclists are wondering if there is life after the calendar turned over and again on the third of September? Just kidding, of course, but riding a motorcycle in the fall is no less dangerous than in the spring. Why is that?

What do you need to remember in the fall?

  • There are many more children on the streets
  • It gets dark early
  • Abrupt weather changes (rain, fog, cold)
  • Outfit for autumn
  • Warming up rubber and its general condition
  • Dirt
  • Foliage
  • Preparation for wintering


Someone will say:

– What nonsense? Dramatic increase in children, adolescents and students on the streets in the fall? Seriously?

But if you think logically, then the pattern becomes clear. In summer, there are holidays at schools, which means that since May, teenagers dream of asphalting their grandmother’s garden. But contrary to children’s dreams, the bulk of schoolchildren are sent into exile to a dacha or village to weed cucumbers, watering the beds.

Another lion’s share is awarded with a ticket to the camp. One way or another, most parents solve the problem of children’s leisure during hot days, it turns out that theoretically they reduce the number of teenagers running out onto the roadway.

Students for the summer either look for work, or go to relatives.

From September 1, you have to drive past educational institutions with caution, because in the morning everyone runs to school, and then to lunch or home from school. Over the summer, drivers forget how many young people study in schools and universities. It is the responsibility of the driver to keep an eye on pedestrians, because a schoolchild rushing to school is the last to expect a motorcycle around the bend.

It gets dark early

In summer, you can easily confuse day with night, you ride at any time of the day and there is nothing to do. However, in September the evenings get darker and darker. More often than not, you put aside glasses and a tinted visor in favor of a transparent one.

Abrupt change of weather

Autumn is when you drive out into the fog, bake in traffic jams during the day, and after a couple of hours you puff under the downpour, you think that this is all over, but you return home at dusk. Every morning you warm up, squint warily at the sky and google the weather forecast, which is tantamount to guessing on the coffee grounds. You need to be prepared for a change in weather.

Autumn set of equipment

Because of the changeable weather, you have to carry a raincoat with you. All summer you tried to persuade yourself that this is a royal entourage and why you need it, and then in the fall everything falls into place. In the fall, more and more often you get a dusty thermal. Thermal underwear becomes necessary, since temperature changes are quite noticeable. Even shoe covers and rain gloves are removed from the mezzanine. The outfit can be changed to leather.

Warming up rubber and its general condition

Autumn morning is not that cold .. chilly. The rubber heats up much more slowly, which is why you should drive more carefully, since the grip is weak without sufficient heating.

I dare to remind you that at low temperatures it is necessary to regulate the pressure in the tires.

And the last thing: at the end of the season, the tires are, in principle, rarely in good condition. Many do not change it before wintering in order to finish off what is left of the tire tread in the fall.

Dirt and foliage

The more it rains, the worse the mood of the motorcyclist. Not only is he all wet to the laundry, but also in the mud, as if the road to work is on the hard enduro route! Dirt is everywhere: on a motorcycle, on equipment, you clean the visor every half hour. Annoys.

After rain, the risk of slipping and skidding increases.

And the leaves? Nobody takes them seriously until they are stuffed into an air filter (poplar fluff from the same play). In autumn, there is so much falling leaves that it even gets under the plastic, sticks to the freshly greased chain … How many holes are covered with leaves? You never know what’s underneath! The wind blows up whole dunes of foliage carefully collected by janitors, which shies away from passing cars and annoys motorcyclists.

It is in the fall that the work begins to find a place for winter storage. You are already calculating the cost of consumables and drawing up a work plan to bring the motorcycle into working order for the next season. And yes, in the fall, most pilots put their equipment up for sale, think about changing equipment, and get ready to sell unnecessary motorcycle swag.

During the fall, many motorcyclists are trying to catch up on unfinished business. The closing of the motorcycle season is just around the corner, I want to be in time for everything, and the summer has flown by quickly.

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