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FIM raises safety standards for Snell, ECE and JIS

FIM raises safety standards for Snell, ECE and JIS

Motorcycle racing demands the very best in terms of safety gear, especially helmets.

Starting this year, the sanctioning body of MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 has been raising safety standards. It also now requires that any rider be able to freely purchase any helmet that meets the latest safety standards, so that his head is protected as well as the heads of top riders.

International Motorcycle Federation (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme — FIM) has already begun testing and certifying helmets that will be used in various racing series. The more helmet manufacturers sponsored, the more inconsistencies in test results were identified at FIM. FIM plans to remedy this situation by introducing new security standards.

New standards

The new standards require helmets to withstand penetration tests, direct (frontal) impacts at low and high speeds, side impacts (side impacts that cause the rider’s head to rotate). The new standards do not mandate the use of advanced technologies such as MIPS or EPS. For testing, the manufacturer must provide ten copies of each helmet size in which it will be produced. This is a huge amount!

Regular rider like a professional rider

Racing technology usually doesn’t make it to the streets, but now that’s about to change. FIM will not allow a helmet to be used until any regular rider can wear the same helmet as a professional rider. It will also be a huge step forward that helmets of all available sizes will now be tested without fail. After all, for example, a small helmet sits snugly and copes better with side impacts, while a larger helmet does not sit so tightly and can turn on impact. That is why it is very important that helmets of all sizes, without exception, are tested, because different riders have different head sizes.

The new FIM standards will raise existing Snell, ECE and JIS standards and take helmet safety to new heights.

Even if you are not a motorcycle fan, you certainly cannot deny the importance of safety technology to the average rider. Especially now that this has become a priority for FIM.

What safety certification does your helmet have?

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