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Fit and weight distribution are half the success of a good rider

Perhaps I have already buzzed all your ears, they say, what is important, this is important, the fifth, tenth, thirtieth is important … But it is so. There is no useless information in the life of a motorcyclist, because any detail can be decisive on the road or in an emergency.

We’ve covered the little things that can help beginners sit more confidently in the saddle, or suggest experienced options for improving their skills. The time has come to negotiate the pilot’s landing itself, it turns out that there are enough mistakes with this too.

Of course, the fit depends on the class of the motorcycle. Obviously, on choppers and road builders, the landing is quite free, compared to the fetal position on a sports bike, and the one that is not without reason called the shrimp pose.

How does riding affect motorcycle performance?

It is clear that your position on the motorcycle does not interfere with the operation of the engine or gearbox, but affects the weight distribution, convenience and speed of your control.

In a motorcycle, everything is always clearly balanced, thought out, verified and calculated, everything except the only fickle element – the pilot and his actions. The load on the suspension depends on our position on the motorcycle, hence the first tip is to sit closer to the tank, taking up space above the engine. Pilots of sports bikes literally lie on the tank of the motorcycle when increasing speed, this is done not only to reduce air resistance. Let me tell you a great secret, the pilot distributes his weight closer to the front of the motorcycle, shifts the center of gravity, relieving the load on the rear suspension. This makes sports bikes easier to pick up speed, since the rear wheel does not weigh on anything. This essentially works with any motorcycle, the less weight on the rear suspension, the easier it is for the motorcycle to accelerate.

However, forward weight shifting can lead to cornering problems. If we unload the suspension, then it also entails what? Come on, you know the answer! The level of grip is lost, it ceases to be dense, since there is no pressure on the wheel, which means that in corners you really risk catching trouble if your speed or angle of incline is too great. Fans of chasing in such cases readjust the suspension: lower the rear and raise the front.

Change of seating position while riding a motorcycle

– Does it bother you when your deuce fidgets in the seat? And when does she do it at high speed?

Your motorcycle also applies to you, because your movements greatly affect the behavior of the vehicle. The motorcycle is forced to constantly stabilize all your movements. The pilot moves on the seat, as a rule, forward or backward, if we are talking about a civilian driver, on the track everyone is familiar with hanging.

The best way to move around on the seat is with your feet on the footrests. Beginners often do this: they leave their feet on the footpegs and wiggle their pelvis. Feet at this moment, as if not in business, but very much in vain! To move safely on the motorcycle, stand up on your feet using the footpegs.

Shifting weight helps in emergencies such as wobbling for example. When the rear wheel drifts and wobbles, the pilot can lift himself up on the footpegs, so the weight is slightly lower than usual, and vibrations are not transmitted through the body to the rear of the motorcycle. All due to a change in the fulcrum. Previously, your weight was acting on the motorcycle through the pelvis, which caused the overall balance to be located in one place, but as soon as you got on the footpegs, the point of support and weight application changed, the center of gravity changed its location.

In emergencies, if you pick up speed in the city and the road suddenly stops looking like adequate coverage and turns into a minefield of craters, the step-up method acts as additional shock absorption. This way, your own weight does not prevent the motorcycle from coping with uneven surfaces.

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