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For the eighth year, the sales of ATV and UTV have been on the rise.

The all-terrain vehicle industry has been on the rise with annual records for the eighth year in a row, and even 2020 in the global market showed excellent sales figures that exceeded 700,000 units.

This market segment has shown steady growth since 2012, and if there is some stability in the sales of ATVs (with a motorcycle type of control), then in the field of ATVs with an automobile type of control (recreational and utilitarian) there is a rapid growth – sales in 2020 were twice the level of 2012 th.

Total sales of this equipment in 2020 exceeded 700,000 units, with more than half of this volume sold in North America (USA, Canada and Mexico). In the United States, in particular, there has been rapid growth even with a slump in car sales, and in Canada, sales are growing in double digits.

The second largest market for this vehicle is China, where the majority of sales are from local ATV brands, and here, as part of the general trend, there is a steady level of sales without significant growth. Europe, in turn, continues the trend of falling sales: over the past 4 years, sales of all-terrain vehicles here have fallen by half.

But this type of equipment is popular in Australia, there is a positive trend in Africa and the Middle East, and in Southeast Asia and India, sales are traditionally minimal and amount to several thousand units per year.

Best sellers

Given the dominant position in the largest market, it is no wonder that Polaris brand products sold the best in the past year. The second and third places were confidently taken by Japanese off-road vehicles Honda and Chinese-made Linhai. The top ten also includes two other American brands – Can-Am and Arctic Cat, two Japanese – Kawasaki and Yamaha, and the other three – Chinese – CFMoto, Runtong Power and Hisun.

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