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For those who haven’t watched the 2021 Harley Davidson virtual premiere show

The long-awaited virtual announcement of the 2021 Harley Davidson lineup has finally taken place, and details of most of the products have been revealed. In particular, information has been published about updates to the Softail, touring and CVO series. This year’s announcement was unusual for Harley for two reasons. Firstly, it was held absolutely virtually in the form of a 40-minute video – out of necessity due to the pandemic. And secondly, it took place in mid-January, and not in September of the previous year, as usual. At the same time, according to the strategic development plan of the company called Rewire, moving the announcements of new models closer to the upcoming motorcycle season may be a permanent solution.

Yes, it sounds quite reasonable, but at the same time it means that we had to wait longer for the announcement of the 2021 line. And with the announced target to cut the lineup by 30% and the upcoming long-awaited Pan America touring car announcement next month, the 21-year lineup has been carefully analyzed.

Changes in 2021

For those who haven't watched the 2021 Harley Davidson virtual premiere show

The first thing we noticed was that special attention in the announcement was paid to those models that will receive changes in 2021. Harley Davidson said next to nothing about the bikes, which will differ from the previous version only in color options. On the other hand, in addition to the HD video, there were six press releases in which there was not a word about touring models in new colors, about LiveWire, about the Street and Sportster lines. Only the returning Softail models have earned a one sentence mention of each of six (or seven if the Heritage Classic and Heritage Classic 114 are different models). This is quite unusual, because if the model is reissued without changes, then the manufacturers consider it their duty to colorfully highlight the new bright schemes.

So, we found out what is almost missing in the release. And what is there in general? What models have been announced?

Those who watched the video but did not read the press releases might have the impression that only the Road Glide Special, Road King Special, and Street Glide Special baggers are returning from the touring series in 2021. In fact, the 2021 lineup will also include the usual ones, i.e. Non-Special, Road Glide, Road King, Street Glide, Electra Glide Standard, and Tour-Pak Center Bag Road Glide Limited and Ultra Limited. The Tri-Glide Ultra and Freewheeler have also been extended for 2021.

All of these models were present in the 2020 lineup, and 2021 will differ in color options. But, oddly enough, not only: in addition to the new schemes, the 2021 models will be equipped with a clutch cable instead of a hydraulic one.😢. Harley Davidson did not explain the reasons for this decision and only mentioned it in the performance charts.

For those who haven't watched the 2021 Harley Davidson virtual premiere show

Of the Softails, Harley focused on Street Bob 114 and Fat Boy 114, mentioning in passing that Softail Standard, Low Rider S, Softail Slim, Sport Glide, Fat Bob 114, Heritage Classic (and Heritage Classic 114 ). But FXDR 114, Deluxe and Low Rider basic version with 107 engines will not be produced in 2021. Also discontinued Street Bob with 107 engine, but replaced by Street Bob 114, and Breakout 114 will be available only for some markets.

It is surprising that in the Softail and Touring series, the manufacturer still produces motorcycles with a 107 engine. Harley is likely going to keep both versions of the engine, possibly for different markets.

Sportster and Street Series 2021

Harley Davidson said last year that the Sportster and Street series will not be redesigned to meet Euro 5 requirements, which effectively means they will be phased out in Europe and other markets with similar requirements. These models will remain in the North American and some other markets, but with certain nuances. In the video, Harley Davidson did not mention the Sportsters and Streets at all, but we already know that the Roadster, Street 750 and Street Rod have been discontinued. In turn, the Iron 883, Iron 1200 and Forty-Eight return in new colors, so the Air Sportsters will remain on sale for at least another year. As for the liquid-cooled Street series, it will be the only Street 500 model available only for training at the Harley Davidson Riding Academy.

The Sportster’s years are numbered, but Harley Davidson is preparing a replacement. While the Custom 1250 and its liquid-cooled Revolution Max engine are considered by some to be the successor to the Sportster, we also know that Harley Davidson is working on a new air-cooled variable valve V-twin that could also replace the Sportster. -but.

Will there be LiveWire in 2021?

Harley Davidson LiveWireHarley Davidson LiveWire

Something like that. The LiveWire e-bike is not mentioned in any of the freshly released HD footage and is listed as a 2020 model on the official website. However, Harley Davidson has filed VIN range information for 2021 LiveWire year of manufacture, and on the Harley press site this model is announced for 2021, only the colors, specifications and photos remain the same. Curiously, at the same time, one paragraph was removed in the text of the description of LiveWire 2021, which says:

The LiveWire is the first of a wide range of two-wheeled vehicle models designed to cement Harley Davidson’s leadership in motorcycle electrification. The launch is a significant part of More Roads to Harley Davidson’s strategy to accelerate the nurturing of new generations of riders with new products in new segments for the company, wider availability and an expanded global dealer network.

Removing the paragraph that mentions the More Road plan is an understandable decision in light of the fact that this plan is no longer valid, and it was replaced by Rewire and Hardwire. But does this also mean that the phrase about a wide range of electric bikes is also more irrelevant, especially in light of the fact that the electric tracker, previously presented there as one of the future models, disappeared from the Harley Davidson website? It looks like it is: LiveWire remains for 2021, and the electric flat tracker has been removed from the company’s plans, in contrast to the concept of an electric scooter. However, there is another possibility: Harley may save the news about electric bikes for a separate announcement.

Future Harley Davidson Models

Harley Davidson recently said they won’t comment on future products as part of their new development strategy, but that hasn’t stopped them from inserting a couple of teasers at the end of the video.

The main focus has been on the Pan America 1250, which is expected to launch on February 22, but other models have been mentioned, notably the Custom 1250. Officially listed as “Coming in 2021”The Custom 1250 will most likely be announced as a 2022 model, as very little is known about it to this day and all we’ve seen is an early prototype. In addition, there were a couple more sketches of a similar model with a more neutral leg position and a different rear suspension configuration. Whether this was an early version of the Custom 1250 (the sketch dates back to 16, and the first Custom prototype appeared in 18), or another model is unclear. But what was especially intriguing was the flashed tank console with the Revival inscription with the symbol “TM”, which means a registered trademark, but to date no such trademarks have been registered for Harley Davidson.

What is Harley Davidson Revival? Judging by the console on the tank, this is a cruiser or bagger. Hopefully we’ll find out more on February 2 when the company talks about its roadmap for Hardwire.

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