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Gone are the electric Harley Davidson concepts

Recently, electric motorcycle concepts have disappeared from Harley Davidson’s website, or rather the Future Models page. The question inevitably arises whether there is a future for Harley electric bikes, including LiveWire.

Electric Harley Davidson

On the Future Vehicles page, Harley publishes upcoming products. The content of this page is market dependent (i.e. country and language choice), but until recently “main” the version – that is, in English for the United States – delighted the eye with the Pan America motorcycle, the Serial 1 electric bike, some High-Performance custom model, and Harley Davidson electric motorcycle concepts. Last summer, the Bronx streetfighter was removed from the Perspective models, and the other day, electrical concepts have disappeared from here. Moreover, the page itself, on which they were recently displayed, remained, but now only the concept of an electric scooter flaunts on it.

But the electric flat tracker disappeared from the American, British and even Russian versions of the site, for some time it was displayed on other English-language pages, for example, the Canadian one, but disappeared from there too. It seems that the concept of an electrotracker has been completely removed from all pages of the site.

What can this talk about? The fact that the company refuses plans for the development of electric transport known to us. Last month, there was evidence that LiveWire will also be phased out (at least in its current form) after 2021. Then we ventured to suggest that we are talking about expanding the line of electric bikes, within which LiveWire can turn into several models at once (and that is why the base model may disappear from the line), but it seems that this is not the case at all. We were able to contact a Harley Davidson representative for comments. Here’s what we were able to find out:

As part of The Rewire strategy, Harley Davidson will cease commenting on future products prior to a press release. Harley Davidson aims to lead the electrification of motorcycles. As pioneers in this field, we are proud of LiveWire’s accomplishments today, including its status as the best-selling electric motorcycle in the United States and its excellent acceptance around the world. We hope the future of electric motorcycles is bright, and we plan to reveal details about this and our 5-year business strategy, The Hardwire, in early 2021.

Two things follow from this answer. First, Harley Davidson claims the LiveWire is the best-selling electric bike in the United States. And second, Harley Davidson plans to spearhead the electrification of motorcycles. Does this mean LiveWire will remain in the HD lineup? Quite possibly. But perhaps as the top of the lineup, the top model, pushing the consumer to purchase cheaper products from the same line. At the moment, Harley Davidson does not have such products, which means that LiveWire cannot yet act in this capacity.

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