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Growth of the European motorcycle market

The European motorcycle market experienced a significant growth in August – 29.0 percent. The sales figures were 140,823 units, which is even better than in July, which also showed a significant increase – 23.7%.

Sales for 8 months of this year in the European market are lower than last year’s for the same period by only 3.1 percent (1,057,945 units), that is, Europe in motorcycle sales this year has practically overcome the failure associated with the coronavirus crisis and almost caught up with last year.

Growth of the European motorcycle market

For the third month in a row, the European motorcycle industry (27 countries of the European Union, as well as Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the United Kingdom) has experienced a 29 percent increase in motorcycle sales in August. 140823 units of motor vehicles were sold here.

Usually August is characterized by low demand for motor vehicles, but this year, thanks to June, July and August, sales of motor vehicles in Europe in the first eight months of the year were almost equal to the same period last year, amounting to 1,057,945 units, which almost covers the disastrous second quarter associated with self-isolation and stopping production in most countries of the world.

Market segments

As of August, France, the largest sales market for motor vehicles in Europe, shows a strong growth of 53%, and the result for 8 months of this year is -6.1 percent. In second place is Germany with an increase of 11.1% over 8 months, in third place is Italy with a fall of 10.4 percent, then Spain (-13.1%), the Netherlands (+ 25.9%) and the United Kingdom (- 12.0%).

During the same period, market leader Honda sold 139,449 units in Europe, down 12.6 percent from the same period last year. In second place is rival from Japan, Yamaha, with 119,932 units (+ 1.1%), and in third place is Piaggio with 116,636 units (-0.8%).

They are followed by BMW (74201 units and -9.6%), Kawasaki (56133 units and + 2.2%), Kymco (49344 units and 2.3%), KTM (47647 units and + 0.1%) and SYM (47179 units and + 0.4%).

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