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Growth statistics for the Russian motorcycle market in the first half of 2020

Growth statistics for the Russian motorcycle market in the first half of 2020

The Russian motorcycle market from the beginning of 2020 to July showed an increase of 20%, despite the coronavirus hysteria. But what is even more curious, in the Ukrainian market, sales exceeded the Russian three times.

Sales of motorcycles in the CIS at the moment, according to analysts from motorcyclesdata, are quite low, if we talk, of course, about new technology, but this only confirms the potential of our market for manufacturers who have entered it correctly. Moreover, this applies in fact to all the CIS countries, because in all of them large cities are located at fairly large distances from each other, and the local flavor makes them interesting for motorcycle tourism, and not only domestic. However, while the incomes of the population here do not allow considering motorcycle tourism as an essential part of the life of the majority, and small-capacity equipment is not as popular as an everyday transport as in many other countries.

Motor industry in Russia

The situation in our country, according to analytics from motorcyclesdata, with sales of motor vehicles is quite unique: we love premium brands such as BMW and Ducati, and 60% of the market belongs to the Japanese. Until recent years, the Russian market was among the 30 most important in the world. In 2013, our market developed very dynamically – more than 170,000 units of equipment and 200 brands. In previous years, the industry was spurred on by new Chinese brands competing with traditional European and Japanese brands, and a segment of mopeds, including low-cost electric ones, developed. Unfortunately, the sanctions against our country led to the blocking of the supply of motorcycles and spare parts, and for the period 2013-2015, this market lost 2/3 of sales, and then in 2017 again sank to an anti-record – 7145 units. In fact, sales of new equipment practically stopped in 2017.

However, in 2018 and 19, the market showed positive dynamics (which is not difficult against the background of such small numbers): in 2019, sales of new motorcycles amounted to 13,044 units. This is still very little, considering that three times as many were sold in Ukraine. But the most curious thing is that the beginning of 2020 showed a very significant positive trend: 1,959 units were sold in the 1st quarter (growth exceeded 100% against the background of last year), and even the coronavirus did not stop sales growth: 5,046 units were sold in the first half of the year, and this figure is 21.5% higher than last year’s for the same period. In July, 1608 units were sold, an increase of 14%, and a total of 7,738 new motorcycles were sold at the end of July, which is 19.9% ​​more than in the same period last year.

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