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Hand warmer on a motorcycle and everything you need to know about it

Do your hands on a motorcycle get cold in bad weather and in the off-season? What to do … Heated the steering wheel of a motorcycle in new models is found as a basic configuration, and once such a function was a luxury and many twisted the nichrome wire to keep warm.

Let’s talk about ways to heat the steering wheel and install this system, as well as analyze some other solutions for heating hands. Of course, the need for heating strongly depends on the lifestyle of the motorcyclist, on the duration of the motorcycle season, for some it does not end in December, and for some, the first rains wash away all the desire to ride.

Travelers on long distances are especially pleased to have a heated steering wheel. If in the city the road may not take much time or the motorcyclist warms his hands at a traffic light, then on long journeys his fingers feel cold.

If there is no possibility or desire to install heating, then you can put wind protection for your hands. Let it not warm, but limit the impact of the cold headwind. Good help with warm long gloves.

What heating options are there?

On sale, you can find the three most common options:

1 – this is to assemble a set by the old-fashioned method of nichrome wire, a relay, a rheostat and other improvised means, such as electrical tape, aluminum tape, shrink cambric, for example.

2 – buy a set of pads with heating elements. There are a lot of such proposals now.

3 – ready-made handlebar grips with a built-in heating system.

Putting your heating system together on your knees is now more fun for old school students. Why complicate your life if you have a ready-made set?

Basic principles of heating installation

90% of success depends on the motorcycle model and the heating system selected. Manufacturers are generous with installation instructions. On the market, you can easily find kits, both universal and highly specialized for specific bikes. Different prices. Moreover, there are heating systems that are inserted inside the steering tube and thus heated from the inside. If your choice fell on them, then pay attention to one detail. A steel handlebar keeps heat better than an aluminum alloy handlebar. Such systems are a rare choice, but they also have a place to be. Although it causes distrust among many, because the heating must work in such a way that the heat through the tube, grips and gloves reaches the driver, and this is a waste of energy.

First, the standard handles are dismantled and the place for heated grips is prepared. After removing the previous ones, glue, even rust, may remain. Next, you need to try on the system and calculate the position of the wires. Many people hide the wires inside the steering tube. Pay particular attention to the travel of the throttle. It is important to leave a gap for turning it so that the wire does not interfere with work. It is easy to check the setting: if, after turning the throttle, the handle does not come back, then the wire length is not correct. The principle is the same with short-stroke handles.

On the left side of the steering wheel, a control panel is attached, it is also a switch. For different models, it differs in functionality and has several modes depending on the manufacturer.

It is technically recommended to connect via a relay so that the heating only works when the motorcycle is started. This is done to ensure the safety of the battery, even if you forgot to turn off the heating, the system should not consume energy without ignition.

To find the right terminal for connecting a relay, it is advised to use a tester – a multimeter. With the ignition off, you need to measure the voltage at all accessible contacts. Those points where + 12V is fixed do not match. In the place where there is voltage when the ignition is on and not when it is off – the best option for connecting a relay. The fastening is made next to the battery compartment so that it does not interfere with the installation of the battery.

What else do you need to consider when choosing heated grips?

  • Heated grips are selected according to the diameter of the steering tube
  • The model is designed for small-capacity equipment has a lower consumption
  • Cruise control motorcycle models are not always compatible with heated grips. But the manufacturer always warns about this.


Many motorcycle owners are intimidated by the need to get into the electrics or modify the wire outlets or mounts for the remote control. The services have a service for installing heated handles. An alternative solution is the choice of heated gloves. Everyone decides for himself. Drivers compare connectivity and energy consumption to choose between grips and heated gloves.

For those who do not want to deal with electricity at all, there is a way to use clutches complete with warm gloves.

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