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Harley Davidson announces the end of the supply of models to Europe

Harley Davidson has announced that it will no longer ship its Sportster and Street models to Europe due to the Euro 5 efficiencies, which will take effect at the end of this year. These series models will continue to be sold in North America and other markets that this standard (or its equivalents) does not yet apply, but it is in Europe that the smallest and most affordable models will no longer be supplied.

The news came a few days after news that Harley Davidson was scaling down operations in India.

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According to official information from the French division, Harley Davidson has decided to abandon the modification of the Sportster and Street models to comply with the Euro 5 eco-standards. For other models that also need updating, there was no information in the press release. In any case, all this means that models with a working volume below 1746 cubic meters will not be sold in Europe. see at least until the Pan America 1250 hits the market, due early next year.

Harley’s French office also says that a lineup is in the works to replace the excluded models – in addition to Pan America and others based on the same 1250cc liquid-cooled V-Twin, however, this new line should not be expected in the near future. … This is probably a new Sportster with a variable-timing engine that has been described in recent patents.

Another possible addition to the European line is the new 338R model, developed in conjunction with QianJiang for the Chinese market (read more about the 338R here). The fact is that QianJiang plans to release its own version of this motorcycle for Europe and sell it under the Benelli brand, which no doubt means that the engine (in any case in the Benelli version, which has a slightly smaller working volume) complies with Euro 5 eco-standards. There is no official information from Harley Davidson about the model’s exit from the Asian markets yet, but there is no good reason to refuse additional sales, unless, of course, an agreement with a Chinese partner requires it.

Curiously, the fate of the Street models is completely incomprehensible: these bikes for Europe and other markets besides North America were produced at an Indian plant whose work is stopped. It is likely that Street production will be moved to the States (where they are produced for the North American market), but the possibility of a complete halt in production of this model cannot be ruled out either.

Harley Davidson has reported a 30% cut in its product line as part of its Rewire plan, so the Street’s discontinuation shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.

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