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Harley Davidson CEO resigns

According to a recent press release, Harley Davidson CEO Matt Levatich is leaving his post, and board member Jochen Zeitz will serve as President and CEO of Harley Davidson until a new leader is found, and after that will remain the chairman of the board of directors. …

Matt Levatich

Levatich joined the company in 1994 and held positions at various levels until he took over as CEO in 2015. Over the past 5 years, he has set the development strategy for Harley Davidson, and has made a particularly significant contribution to the campaign. “More Roads to Harley-Davidson” and related innovations – in particular, new small-capacity models and the LiveWire electric bike. Both publicly and internally, Levatich promoted and implemented the idea that Harley Davidson needed to create an audience (educate riders), not just make motorcycles.

Harley Davidson CEO resigns

New target audience markets

Unfortunately, despite Levatich’s efforts, Harley Davidson sales continued to plummet during his tenure as Harley Davidson. The task of the new leadership will be to implement a strategy for introducing HD into new markets and finding a new target audience to replace the past. “key consumers” – White Americans born in the 40s and 60s, old enough to give up on motorcycles.

The board of directors and Matt have come to a mutual agreement that it’s time for a new leader for Harley Davidson, Zeitz said. -Matt was instrumental in setting the accelerated development strategy “More Roads to Harley Davidson”, but now we are in search of a new leader who can lead our common cause. On behalf of the Council, I want to thank Matt for 26 years of service to Harley Davidson. He has tirelessly stood at the helm of the Company during a period of major industry change, while maintaining the legacy of one of the most iconic brands in the world.

Levatich added that he “lucky to be at the helm of a Harley Davidson for five years”… He expressed confidence that the strategic initiative “More Roads to Harley-Davidson” will be supported by the new head of the company.

As for Zeitz, he is best known for his past as Chairman and CEO of PUMA. He has been with Harley since 2007.

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