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Harley Davidson certifies not all models for 2020

CARB data for 2020 Harley Davidson Sportster approved motorcycle models. Not all models are listed.

Four out of seven

Only four of the seven 2019 Sportster models are included.

California Environmental Council CARB has issued certifications confirming the transition of a number of Harley Davidson Sportster and Street models for the 2020 model year, but it was the models that were not there that caught our attention.

At the moment, the only 883 cubic meters. see Sportster certified for 2020 is Iron 883, meaning Superlow (pictured above) is missing. As for the 1200 cc models. See, the Roadster, Iron 1200 and Forty-Eight are moving into the 2020 model year, but the Custom 1200 and Forty-Eight Special are also missing. While this may change as Harley Davidson may still certify these models at a later date, their absence from initial filings is suggestive.

When companies certify their vehicles with CARB or other agencies, they usually combine models that use the same engines and have the same emissions in a single application. In the case of Harley Davidson, this usually means that it gets one permit for its 883cc. see Sportster motorcycles, other for 1200cc. see Sportster, separate approvals for 500cc models. and 750 cm cube. Street.

Some Sportsters will be discontinued? What will replace it?

Harley Davidson certifies not all models for 2020

For engine families in the Sportster range that do not update very often, it is usually sufficient to re-certify previous year’s models with similar emissions. This is what makes their absence from certification applications intriguing. Sure, Harley Davidson may re-declare and add the missing models next week, and all of this may not mean anything, but why would Harley Davidson do that? It would simply create additional paperwork and filing fees. We looked at the history of Harley Davidson’s filing history with CARB since the 1982 model year – the company reapplied documentation for certification of its Sportsters only in cases of brand new models, but not in cases of renewal of certification of existing ones.

More likely, the missing models are being phased out and Harley Davidson is optimizing its Sportster lineup. We know from Harley Davidson’s recent Q2 2019 sales reports that the Sportster and Street models account for about 22% of the company’s total sales, but it’s possible that the missing models did not sell as well as the rest.

We also know that Harley Davidson is preparing a series of potential Sportster replacements based on a new liquid-cooled engine starting at 500cc. up to 1250 cc Around this time last year, Harley Davidson unveiled the Custom 1250 prototype, which should be a future replacement for the Sportster. Harley-Davidson has repeatedly stated that production of the Custom 1250 is scheduled for 2021, so we’ll have to wait at least another year before we see a production model. Unless the timeline changes, 2020 will be a transition year for the Sportster lineup.

For Street models, only the Street 500 has received the new CARB certification. The Street 750 and Street Rod models had separate certifications for 2019 and can still get them for 2020. However, until they get them, the future of the 749 cc models. it is not clear.

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