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Harley Davidson has reached an agreement with its employees

A few weeks ago, it was reported that union workers at the Harley Davidson plant in Menomonee Falls had ended their seven-year contracts. The negotiations led nowhere. Finally, two weeks later, the union and the company came to an agreement.

Workers at the Wisconsin Plant can rejoice: Harley Davidson and the Metals Union have agreed on the terms of a new contract. The previous contract in 2012 ended on April 1 without any resolution, forcing workers to go on strike during their lunch break. However, during all procedures, there was no talk of a strike.

Days after the old contract ended, it was extended until April 14 to convince workers that they would receive all payments in full until a new contract was awarded. It took the parties two weeks to agree on the terms of a new five-year contract.

Over the next five years, workers’ wages will rise by 14 percent, and a substantial increase in pensions for those eligible is also expected. The conditions for health insurance remain unchanged. But the main result of the negotiations: labor safety conditions.

Last year’s announcement by Harley Davidson to close the Kansas plant, coupled with European sanctions and the opening of a plant overseas, made workers worried about their subsequent employment. To remedy the situation and calm tensions, Harley Davidson has pledged to invest $ 65 million in the Menomonee Falls plant and $ 10 million on the Tomahawk, Atlanta.

The company hopes that such actions will be a reliable illustration of its development. Harley Davidson Executive Director, Michael Camber, says:

We believe the new contracts will allow us to remain competitive in a challenging business environment, as well as help in our plans to nurture a new generation of riders around the world.

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