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Harley-Davidson LiveWire 2020 is the new motorcycle for golden youth

Harley-Davidson Electric Bike – Ten Years Ago Who Would Have Thought It Would Really Happen? The manufacturer stayed away from e-bikes for a long time for its conservative and dedicated users, but in 2014 a prototype appeared called “Project LiveWire”. Over the course of a long time of preparation, the motorcycle was changed, refined and shrouded in rumors.

Harley-Davidson does not hide the fact that the manufacturer wants to attract young people into their circles with a new electric bike, although as for me, the young people can be attracted primarily by an affordable price. LiveWire is very difficult to call budget and readily available.

Fundamentally different

The LiveWire is unlike any motorcycle that Harley-Davidson has ever produced, not only in the presence of an electric motor. The bike was built from the ground up on a lightweight aluminum chassis. The motorcycle has a lattice prefabricated frame.

The motor is named HD Revelation. The claimed power is 105 horsepower with a top speed of 180 kilometers per hour. The drivetrain is mounted inside the frame to direct weight towards the ground and keep the center of gravity low.

The new concept does not change the course for a stable and responsive bike. Moreover, there is no need to worry about the clutch and gear shifting – just use the gas.


One of the most important indicators in e-bikes is the ability to hold a charge, as well as the rate at which the charge level is renewed. The battery weighs about 98 kilograms, and its aluminum case acts as a large air-cooled radiator. The body ribs increase the heat dissipation area and along the way create a characteristic aesthetics in the entire appearance.

Interestingly, Harley-Davidson offers a five-year, unlimited mileage battery warranty! This is a claim for success!

With light city driving, the battery will last for 235 kilometers, and with a mixed driving style city-highway for 152 kilometers.

A full charge will take 8 to 9 hours in standard mode. With DC charging, the battery will charge 80% in 40 minutes and 100% in 60 minutes.

What else?

We see the front and rear SHOWA suspension. The motorcycle has Brembo brakes. And of course there is ABS.

It would be strange to get an electric bike without all sorts of cool electronics gadgets. LiveWire works via HD connect, a 4.3-inch TFT color display dashboard that will provide all the necessary and important information: time, turn-by-turn navigation, battery level, parking location, service reminder and even a tracker in case the bike is out. stolen. By the way … the bike will recognize the owner’s voice!

I hear a ringing …

Every time I study and write about e-bikes, I constantly try to find an exhaust system there…. Out of habit. Then mentally I slap myself on the forehead and say: “He’s electro!”

The issue of the exhaust sound of a gasoline motorcycle is of interest to many, because it is these trills that are an integral part of the role of expensive and powerful bikes. Owners appreciate the sound, achieve a different sound if desired. What is a necessity for a gasoline motorcycle is bliss for an electric bike. Do you need a motorcycle without a guttural rumble from the exhaust pipe?

Harley-Davidson did it cleverly. So that users who need to feel like a real motorcycle on an electric bike do not get upset, the manufacturer decided to create a specific voice acting. The secret is that there are speakers at the rear of the motorcycle, and the sound is synchronized with the throttle trigger to create a believable imitation of the increase in sound similar to the exhaust when revving.

Moreover, using the on-board computer, you can adjust the sound of the engine to any of the proposed ones. If you are not satisfied with the sound in the prepared list, then you can upload your file through the Harley-Davidson app. Even the gifts do not end there, because an online gallery will be available for users, where you can find any sound of a running engine! Oh how!

At the end

Harley-Davidson has spent a lot of effort, time and naturally money to create a completely new motorcycle that stands out from the rest. Here we see an advanced city bike, with a straight ride, for daring motorcyclists.

By the way, the bike weighs 249 kilograms. The manufacturer offers three colors – black, red and golden yellow.

The cost of this whole set of pleasure is $ 29,799, which at the current exchange rate is almost 2,193,406 rubles. It’s nice, of course, that Harley-Davidson considers a young audience to be rich youth, but such a price tag may not be attractive to everyone.

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