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Harley Davidson Worldwide Event

Harley Davidson Pan America 1250

In the 118-year history of Harley Davidson, the brand has never brought the whole world to its event at once! However, on January 19, 2021, we are all invited to the debut of the new model!

During an online event called HD 21, the first virtual preview of Harley Davidson, the company will reveal the new 2021 motorcycles, parts, accessories, gear and apparel.

Attendees at the virtual event will speak from Harley Davidson executives, product experts and passionate enthusiasts and share the industry’s news in 2021 at HD dealerships.

You can register for the online event now here

A new approach to Harley Davidson product announcements

The virtual global announcement is part of the company’s new approach to bringing products to market. Earlier this year, Harley Davidson announced significant plan changes, including optimizing its product plan by 30%, moving new model year product announcements closer to the start of the motorcycle season, and increasing marketing efforts to increase product appeal and maximize market impact.

We’re thrilled to bring the world together virtually and bring the inspiration and passion behind our 2021 bikes, including a first look at our first Pan America touring all-terrain bike, ”said HD VP of Marketing Theo Kittell. -We look forward to sharing this moment with our customers and dealers around the world

Jason Momoa shares his passion

American actor, producer and motorcycle enthusiast Jason Momoa will play a key role in the January 19 event. Always hungry for new adventures, Momoa shares his thoughts on how the new Harley Davidson Pan America will influence his love of Harley Davidson motorcycles and create new opportunities to explore endless horizons off tarmac roads.

Harley Davidson gave me the opportunity to find new adventures with great people, inspiring places, to receive a new dose of inspiration that I shared with you in the United We Will Ride series, ”says Momoa. -I will be happy to work with Harley Davidson at the event, even more so – having the chance to be one of the first to ride a motorcycle Pan America 1250. This is a great model that combines my love of unknown places, unpopulated roads and Harley Davidson. People will be in awe of what HD has been created for them.

Harley Davidson Pan America World Premiere February 22, 2021

The new Harley Davidson Pan America 1250 touring vehicle will be previewed on January 19, 2021, but the flagship event will take place on February 22, when Harley Davidson will once again bring the world to its premiere with in-depth coverage of the new model.

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