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Harley Davidson’s first LiveWire One motorcycle news

Harley Davidson recently released LiveWire as an independent division and brand. And now it became known that the first motorcycle under this brand will be called the LiveWire One. It turned out in a somewhat roundabout way.

The bottom line is that the American Highway Traffic Safety Association maintains an online database of VIN numbers. Manufacturers, when preparing a new model, contact the association for a range of free numbers, and in exchange they provide official data on how the models produced under certain numbers will be called (as well as some of their characteristics) for display in the database. So, a new range of VIN numbers was recently added to this database, which will belong to a motorcycle called LiveWire One.

Livewire one

Judging by the data from the database, LiveWire One will peak at 101hp on the shaft. For comparison, LiveWire 2020, released under the Harley Davidson brand (and under the ELW model code), according to the same database, produces peak 70hp. For understanding, the peak power of the Harley Davidson CVO models with the Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine is also stated as 105 hp from the crankshaft.

LiveWire One is listed under model code LW1 and internal code XB in the database, as opposed to HD LiveWire with model code ELW and internal code XA, and this further confirms that this will be a new, second model of an electric motorcycle from Harley Davidson. Moreover, the LW1 is listed as a 2021 model year.

The name LiveWire One came as no real surprise. The very first HD motorcycle, produced in 1905-1906, bore the name Model 1, a fact the company has recently recalled with the name Serial 1 for its electric bike brand. The only difference is that One in the name of LiveWire is written in letters, not numbers.

Apart from the name and the claimed peak power, little is known about the upcoming model. Perhaps it will look more classic, but on the other hand, the separation of LiveWire into a separate brand may indicate a desire to share electric bikes with the historical heritage of Harley Davidson.

In a recent press release, Harley mentioned that it plans to unveil the first LiveWire without HD in the title on July 8, and will be shown to the public on July 9 at the FivePoint Amphitheater International Motor Show in Irvine, California. However, this institution has temporarily refused to hold any events other than music concerts.

However, the postponement of the announcement has not yet been reported.

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