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Harley Davidson’s new corporate strategy

Harley Davidson’s new corporate strategy

Usually at this time of year we already know what to expect from Harley Davidson in the new year, but in early 2021 we have yet to get acquainted with the updated line. Why? Because that’s what their development strategy called The Rewire dictates.

In the spring of 2020, HD, as they say, reached the handle. The removal of the chief executive officer (more) and the constant drop in sales and stock positions led to an urgent need for a shake-up. Interim CEO and President Jochen Zeitz could have been the breath of fresh air the company needed (on the appointment of Jochen and the launch of The Rewire – as it was).

Rewire from Harley Davidson

Under the new leadership, the company entered the era of Rewire, in which it left the underdeveloped markets and focused on reliable projects, while simultaneously discontinuing operations in some areas not typical for Harley.

Also, as part of Harley Davidson’s Rewire strategy, some key time points in the calendar were moved in 2020 – including new product launches shifted closer to the new motorcycle season. Rather than presenting next year’s lineup as usual at the end of summer, the company has postponed these events until the beginning of the calendar year, when people are most likely planning to buy a motorcycle.

It seems that this move paid off. On January 12, 2021, the company announced that the new orders have led to certain successes. The company has yet to provide specific sales figures, but consumers are clearly curious about what Harley Davidson has in store for them in the new year. Harley Davidson shares have risen in value after a sharp decline in March 2020 and are still in a growth phase, currently hitting their highest since April 2019.

I am confident that the significant changes made to our activities The Rewire has allowed us to successfully implement the strategic challenges we face, – said Chief Executive Officer Zeitz in a press release. -We have become a more compact and centralized organization in which decisions are made much faster.


Now it’s time for a new corporate strategy. Implementation of The Rewire ended in 2020, and in 2021 the company will have a new strategy called Hardwire. In early February, the company will release the keynote of its five-year development plan, then we will learn how the savior of the Puma brand Zeitz is going to make Harley great again.

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