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Harley Days 2018 – Harley stunt riding and beginner outfit

Let me remind you that not so long ago, from 2 to 5 August, the St. Petersburg Harley Days ”, where I decided to ask the participants about the outfit. Ostrovsky Square was full of guests from different countries, not just from neighboring cities. At the festival there is a lot of music, different entertainment (different every day), a motorcycle race, competitions and a rather warm welcome … they even played a fresh Harley in the competition, which was won by a pretty girl.

Harley-Davidson stunt riding – it happens!

On the third day, I witnessed a stunt riding … Harley-Davidson. Is it a joke to do this on a motorcycle with such a long wheelbase? If the creators of Harley-Davidson motorcycles saw this, they would be discouraged and the expression would be read on their faces: inexplicable, but true.

The founder of the “Master” motorcycle school in St. Petersburg, Andrey Kuzmin, is the only one who enters on such motorcycles, and in his arsenal there are already 2 Harley-Davidsons! He successfully prepares students for competitions and passing exams at the traffic police. How could I walk by? Moreover, after the performances, Andrey was literally stuck with enthusiastic spectators who wanted to learn more about stunt riding.

– How much will the equipment cost? – one of the first questions asked by parents of teenagers with eyes burning with joy.

– A thousand and fifty, – answered Andrey’s disciples, – but you can start with the bare essentials.

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday, Andrey found a couple of minutes to answer my questions.

Olga: Andrey, tell us about your outfit? What do you wear yourself or advise your students?

Andrey: I do not advertise my outfit, it is different for me. The helmets are open, but because the closed ones are heavy, and you can see the motorcycle yourself. In general, I always choose according to innovation, I look at the cut and it is very important for the size. Not every company has a Rostovka, but we need it!

Olga: Did you work with Icon? What do you think of him?

Andrey: Oh, Icon! At one time in St. Petersburg it was like something WOW! But now, for some reason, there are few places where you can buy it, although I like their jackets. Icon does great stuff! In general, if you give me an Icon, I will ride it with pleasure!

Olga: The hint is understood, let’s think about it! And the protection?

Andrey: The more the better. Knee pads are just under the pants, I don’t believe in adjustable pockets, they slide out anyway. The knee pad will remain in place, so the protection is knee pads and elbow pads under your clothes!

Olga: What do you think prevents beginners from buying good equipment or why they make mistakes in the selection?

Andrey: Yes, there is simply no money. They take anything.

Olga: Is there something that you would like to wish your fans or students, people who would like to do stntraydin?

Andrey: Those who want to train – let it be. We must work! The more you work, the better the result and think with your head! It is imperative to think with your head! GO-LO-WOY.

This was the end of our interview, as it was time to prepare for the next race, an hour later Andrei again performed on the site with the students. And I kept trying to figure out how expensive it is to maintain a motorcycle like this after a show? This is not some kind of scooter and not an Alpha, where an engine bulkhead will cost like a glass of coffee at a gas station. But among the stunt riders, Harley-Davidson is not found anywhere else.

Opinions of other members

The guys from the Motobratan and 47poits47region associations turned out to be very sociable.

The first bragged about their equipment, told that there is probably no correct answer to my questions, whatever one may say, but everyone chooses for himself. And you can’t argue!

– In summer, we often ride only in a turtle, but sometimes it’s too hot, so we don’t have any equipment at all. Yes, many people travel without a crew in the summer, – say representatives of “Motobratan”.

– Isn’t it scary, without equipment?

– Fearfully…

The guys showed their equipment, it is curious that among the owners of other motorcycle brands, there are a lot of Leatt equipment at the festival, but why so, Andrey has already answered us – there is not enough Icon in the northern capital, although the pilots have heard about it.

– In general, the most important thing: the head and legs, that is what must first of all be protected – concluded a sweet girl from “Motobratan”, who this season was the first as a motorcyclist.

Club “47poits47region” instantly carried away with their stories about long-distance routes, it turns out that they are doing just that as the main direction.

“On the previous route, 40 participants left for us, and only 11 made it to the end,” the club representative complains. – The reasons are different, someone broke, someone is difficult. But there were no serious accidents. The outfit is different for everyone. Beginners, of course, do not take complete sets, but experienced ones have everything.

The club takes on large routes, so the issue of preparation is more than relevant, although there are different levels of study and duration of trips. But both of them singled out attempts to save money as the main reason for problems with equipment for beginners.

– Yes, they buy from the Internet in advertisements, what happens, and then nothing good comes out, – the participants of “Motobraton” shrug their shoulders.

Festival results

The event itself is very inspiring. It was nice to see that, in general, the attitude of motorcyclists to other people is open, regardless of whether you are a pedestrian or driving yourself, a visitor or a local. And then everything depends on the motorcyclists themselves, someone with joy and rapture will excitedly tell how much has been invested in tuning; someone, on the contrary, will ask once again not to touch the chrome parts; someone will enthusiastically tell you about their long journeys. As a technologist, I am stuck over airbrushing and well-painted models, in which painting itself is already tuning.

By equipment, you can get a basic idea of ​​a motorcycle pilot, but be prepared for counter questions. For pedestrians who dreamed of riding a motorcycle, this is a very good chance to start a new life on two wheels or just get a vivid experience. Many motorcyclists enjoy this amount of attention and love that someone is evaluating their bike and lifestyle in a positive way.

As for the equipment, I understand the choice of the majority, of course, when you have a heavy road builder and pulls to get a leather jacket and, like Marlon Brando in one of the early films about bikers, boldly leave into the sunset. The majority of motorcyclists at such events choose protection according to the principle of safety-style. This is logical, because they live by this, for these guys Harley-Davidson means much more than just a motorcycle brand.

For myself, I made a choice and when I finally change to a heavier motorcycle, I will seriously start trying on leather Icon 1000 models, because there is still more to look for more stylish equipment from modern models.

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