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Heated equipment or how to stay warm on a motorcycle

When it is damp and windy outside, already at the exit from the house you mentally prepare for the cold. Nothing spoils a good ride like chattering teeth and frozen fingers. Some drivers solve the problem with warm equipment, others simply do not ride a motorcycle, and still others look after heated equipment.

Hypothermia while riding is not only a problem of health and comfort, but also corny affects the handling of the motorcycle. We talked about this in the articles:

Heated equipment – what is it?

The most technical way to keep warm is with electrically heated gear. Previously, it seemed like a curiosity, but now it is quite common. Now it is easy to find any piece of equipment so that it has electrical inserts. Do not surprise anyone with a jacket or heated pants, now even socks and insoles are made with electric additions.

The bottom line is pretty simple. A motorcyclist or driver of a snowmobile, ATV, blown by a headwind, loses a lot of heat. It was noticed that the protruding parts of the body, limbs – feet and hands, as well as knees and elbows, freeze stronger than the torso. The neck especially suffers, it can blow under the jacket, therefore, winter outfit options in 90% of models have an elongated cut, a greater number of fasteners and closed zippers.

So, in good heated equipment, the electrical elements are located where the driver or passenger is most blown. For example, if it is a jacket, then the heating will be on the chest, on the back, along the edge of the neck and sleeves, as well as on the shoulders. Each manufacturer has its own principles for the arrangement of heating elements and their connection systems. The pitfall is that the more heating elements are involved, the more energy it consumes and the more expensive it is.

Many travelers are familiar with heated gear that runs on rechargeable batteries or batteries. This is bought by hunters and fishermen, everyone who does not have the opportunity to connect to a more powerful and constant source of energy. Such models save power consumption and do not heat at full strength. But the equipment that is connected to the motorcycle is powered constantly, which means that it warms up significantly more seriously. The whole question is: Is the motorcycle capable of generating enough power to keep itself and your heating up? Newer and more powerful bikes usually have no problem with this.

The most common heated equipment options are:

  • Visor
  • Motorcycle jacket
  • Trousers
  • Shorts
  • Costume
  • Vest
  • Heated thermal underwear
  • Gloves
  • Socks
  • Insoles

Whether or not you need to take heated equipment is a personal choice. The heating has its fans and opponents.

Pros of using heated gear

Heat. This is what they buy it for. The heating can be adjustable in intensity, but if you suddenly feel cold, just turn it on. In this case, it is not necessary to wait for frosts. Driving in rain or fog may cause the system to turn on. If you do not need it, then you calmly drive on.

Heated outfit doesn’t oblige you to carry a lot of things or wrap yourself in twenty layers of wool sweaters. You choose one convenient kit and that’s enough. He does not hinder movement.

Heating helps dry your gear if it gets wet from rain, snow or fog. Speaking of moisture. Concern about getting into the rain is often expressed. Where will your equipment close? Brand manufacturers say no. They say it is designed for any weather conditions, but Chinese copies – who knows.

Cons of using heated gear

What are the pros and cons – many of them are individual. For example, the disadvantages primarily include the cost of such equipment. It is much more expensive. Users of branded systems say that it works properly and for a long time, and Chinese replicas … well, these are replicas, so their durability, so to speak, depends on mood and luck. This is true for any element of protection.

For some, the bigger problem is not the price, but the need to get into the electrics of the motorcycle. Immediately there are questions about the load on the power supply of the bike and “what if I decompose when everything is connected to the motorcycle?” Many do not want to get involved with electricity and therefore bypass the heating side, preferring antiquated methods and insulated models for the winter.

There are very different reviews in the direction of heated thermal underwear. Thermal underwear, due to its reverent relationship with the removal of moisture from the body, needs frequent washing. This is hygiene, after all, thermal underwear must be close to the body. It makes sense that heating inserts and frequent washes are not made for each other, so this development has a modest fan club.

What else will help you stay warm on a motorcycle?

Remember wind protection. Zip up the zippers tightly and close any slots where cold can blow. For the same reason, many people use a raincoat, even when there is no rain, because it protects not only from moisture, but also contributes to resistance to oncoming air.

For clothes to effectively retain heat, they must fit snugly to the body, but not hinder movement. Among natural materials, clothes from which are suitable in the winter cold under the main outfit, fabrics made of wool, cashmere and silk are in the lead – they remain warm, even if they get wet.

An outfit that includes fleece, gortex and windstopper is definitely an application for a successful trip.

In terms of head protection, there are winter options for comforters, as well as specialized helmets and heated visors. There are experimenters who try to make a winter version out of an ordinary helmet by adding a heating element bought for delivery on Chinese sites to it. As practice shows, the idea is interesting, but not very good. As a result, the insert simply begins to bake the head and thus brings unnecessary inconvenience.

A worthy addition to the winter option for going out is the wind protection of the chest and specialized liners.

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