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Heavyweights: top heaviest mass-produced modern motorcycles

The weight of a motorcycle is not the last characteristic that motorcyclists pay attention to. The way and there is an opinion that supposedly heavy motorcycles behave more confidently on the road, but after all, this colossus needs to be moved in the parking lot, skillfully put into turns, cope with it in maneuvering … The large weight of the motorcycle affects the braking and wear of the entire suspension, tires and other components … Therefore, massive bikes have their drawbacks as well as their advantages.

If big motorcycles are called “sofas” behind the backs, then our next contenders for the title of the best can be safely called luxury two-seater sofas.

Throughout history, the motorcycle industry has designed many monstrous bikes, some Boss Hoss heavyweights weigh more than 500 kilograms, and their trikes weigh as much as a small car. But at the moment we will consider motorcycles of more mass production and from the modern proposals of the motor market. Moreover, we have already appreciated light motorcycles, it’s time to choose antagonists for them, because sooner or later there is a buyer for each bike.


Our top opens with one of the most conservative and respected manufacturers, which is famous for large and heavy motorcycles.

Road Glide Limited

Dry weight 407 kg, curb 423 kg.

As the manufacturer describes, this is a bike for those who love the Milwaukee-Eight 114 V-Twin engine and Sharknose shark-head fairing.

Powerful and obediently responsive 89 hp engine. with an instant response to the turn of the accelerator handle, it eats 6.3 liters per 100 km. The motorcycle tank is 22.7 liters.

The motorcycle is equipped with all kinds of fillings for ease of movement, including the reflex ™ defensive rider systems.

Now the price for this bike is approaching 2.5 million rubles.

CVO Limited

Dry weight 411 kg, curb 428 kg.

This bike is presented by the manufacturer for those who are looking for a unique touring model and aggressive, sometimes bold, style with premium trim. The mention of premium trim hints that the price for the new bike will also be … premium.

CVO Limited will appeal to those who love the most powerful engine from Harley-Davidson.

Just a little more and it would have been two liters, and the Twin-Cooled ™ Milwaukee-Eight 117 produces 105 hp, in addition to the motorcycle Tomahawk ™ wheels and heated grips.

With a 22.7 liter fuel tank, the bike will use 6.3 liters per 100 kilometers. Here, too, the maximum amount of electronics and the reflex ™ defensive rider systems are involved.

All this pleasure from the assembly line will cost almost four million rubles.


It would be strange not to see a Honda motorcycle in this list, because it is their “Gold” that is the most famous and famous “sofa” in the whole world.


The Honda Gold Wing Tour MT is endowed with a powerful 6-cylinder boxer engine. The design of the engine results in a very favorable low center of gravity.

Quiet start of the engine by means of a starter-generator. It also makes reversing easier. The cruise control function can be activated via the electronic throttle stick. The manufacturer boasts that in 2020, experts have optimized electronic fuel injection and ignition maps. Among the electronic capabilities, the hill start assist system and even the electronic adjustment of the windshield are noted. But once motorcyclists could only dream of such opportunities!

The volume of his tank is declared at 21.1 liters, while he will consume only 5.6 liters per 100 km.

The curb version of the Honda Gold Wing Tour MT weighs 379 kilograms. The cost is about 2 338 900 rubles.

Honda Gold Wing Tour DCT in the equipped form is slightly heavier – 383 kilograms, with similar indicators. The cost is also slightly higher – 3,653,900 rubles.


The VN 1700 Vulcan Voyager is a legend that ranks among the first Japanese motorcycles with a V-Twin engine and fairings. Judging by the official website, the brand new VN1700BLF or VN1700KLF motorcycle is not available for Russia. But the older versions are weighing in a radius of 400+ kilograms, although the younger versions have already lost weight.

Now of the fresh models available on the Russian market, one of the heaviest will be the ZZR 1400 with a weight of only 268 kilograms in the equipped form. By the way, a new one costs from 1,462,000 rubles.


Who has a lot of heavyweight models, on the other hand – is someone surprised by this?

Roadmaster Dark Horse 116

The manufacturer calls it an iconic one and says that the numbered designation is an indication of the powerful new 1890cc air-cooled Thunder Stroke 116 engine. In addition, it has the best torque in its class – 168 Nm.

And what else can you not find in it only from modern fillings! Even at first glance, the list is wow – 7-inch Ride Command touchscreen display with navigation, premium 200-watt premium audio system with Bluetooth, proximity access system, wheel pressure sensors, electronic glass adjustment.

The volume of the gas tank is approaching 20.8 liters, and weight to 394 kilograms

This pleasure is worth three and a half million rubles.

Challenger Limited

Big and formidable. The motorcycle is equipped with a 1768cc liquid-cooled PowerPlus engine developing 122 hp. feeds from a 22.7 liter tank.

Naturally, a complete set of modern electrics – electronic cruise control, ABS and contactless ignition, an electronic dashboard with all necessary sensors and full LED lighting. Dirt bike with hard side trunks and comfortable windshield weighs 361 kilograms.

The price of the issue for this “hippopotamus” is almost three million rubles.

Chieftain classic

Neoclassicism that pays tribute to tradition. The air-cooled 1811cc Thunder Stroke 111 engine dutifully responds to the electronic throttle.

The bike is equipped with brakes with ABS, a 7-inch bright touchscreen display with Ride Command with navigation, Bluetooth and a clock. Well, of course it has cruise control.

Tank for 20.8 liters. When equipped, the motorcycle will weigh 381 kilograms.

The price of the issue is also almost three million rubles.

This list can be continued for a long time, if we expand the circle to older motorcycles. Then it would be possible to add Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited – 414 kilograms, Indian Roadmaster – 408 kilograms, Honda F6B – 385 kilograms or Suzuki Boulevard M109R – my unrequited love Boulevard – weighs 347 kilograms and many other heavy trucks.

All these motorcycles will be distinguished by high engine power, serious traction and subversive strength, all the powder that a bulky engine takes out of the powder flasks. It also has wide tires and a low center of gravity, serious brakes and … unconditional comfort. Large and heavy motorcycles are not only about the love of “sofas”, but also about confidence on the road, reliability, like in a tank, and cruising speed on a soft seat with music.

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