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Honda donated 104 motorcycles

Honda donated 104 motorcycles

Honda Foundaction, Inc (HFI), the Philippine corporate social responsibility arm of the Honda groups, donated 104 motorcycles to the Philippine Red Cross for humanitarian aid and community rescue operations across the country. There are 104 Red Cross units in the country, each of which has received one motorcycle.

The donation consists of 52 units of each of two popular models – the TMX125 Alpha and Wave 110 Alpha – reliable, affordable and efficient motorcycles that meet the needs of the Philippine Red Cross for transportation to the most remote corners of the country. Painted in bright red, the bikes are equipped with an insulated center case, ideal for transporting fragile medical equipment, medicines and other cargo.

Honda TMX125

The Honda TMX125 is a small, small-sized classic popular as an everyday vehicle. It is often used with a side trailer and is an important part of the Philippine transportation system. The Wave 110 is an entry-level scooter and just like the TMX125 is extremely popular as an everyday transport. This model is equipped with an automatic transmission, which makes it even more comfortable to drive.

Local assistance

Susumu Mitsuishi, member of the HFI Board of Trustees, stated:

At Honda, we are committed to supporting organizations that save the lives of Filipinos, such as the Philippine Red Cross, and to help them fulfill their missions and responsibilities.

In addition to the support already provided, Mitsuishi clarified that the company’s donation characterizes Honda’s proactive approach to providing local assistance during emergencies and public disasters such as the one we all experience these days.

In line with Honda’s One Dream campaign, the donation is aimed at making Honda motorcycles a tool for humanitarian organizations to quickly respond to emergencies and therefore save lives.

Honda is the leading motorcycle manufacturer in the Philippines, operating here since 1973.

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