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Honda Gold Wing already with two radars

Honda Gold Wing already with two radars

In addition to the forward looking radar for the Gold Wing, which we learned about in November from Honda’s patent filing, sketches of a similar backward pointing system have been published.

There is no consensus among the two manufacturers that have already officially introduced radar motorcycles on whether a motorcycle needs a rear radar sensor. Ducati Multistrada V4 is equipped with two sensors – front and rear: the front one is needed for adaptive cruise control, and the rear one for monitoring blind spots. In turn, BMW decided to equip its R 1250 RT 2021 with a front sensor only, and even then as an option. On its basis, adaptive cruise control is implemented, which allows the motorcycle to automatically maintain a certain pace and maintain a given distance to the vehicle in front without the need to somehow engage the throttle stick while the system is operating. But there is no tracking of blind spots, respectively, for RT.

Initially, Honda seemed to be joining the BMW camp by patenting the front radar design for the Gold Wing. However, the new images also illustrate the fact that work is underway on the rear radar.

Judging by the sketches, the sensor will only be installed on a full-weight Gold Wing Tour – with a passenger seat and a center case, which is not on the Gold Wing baggers.

The rear radar module mounts inside the center case, right under the lid lock. Like the Ducati Multistrada V4 and the KTM 1290 Super Adventure, which will feature the same system, rear radar monitors the flow behind the bike and warns of vehicles in the blind spots of the mirrors by displaying a prompt in the mirror or dashboard.

It is unclear at this point whether Honda is developing its own rear radar system or whether it uses the same Bosch modules as BMW, Ducati, KTM and Kawasaki, but in any case, Honda differs from its rivals in that it installs the rear radar hidden. The radar can work through the plastic of the body kit (or the wardrobe trunk, in fact), but vibrations, as well as edges or slopes in the radar’s field of view, can interfere with the signal, so BMW and Ducati decided to leave the sensors uncovered. Honda engineers chose to rigidly secure the radar sensor and plastic covering it, thereby minimizing vibration and protecting it from the environment.

Honda hasn’t made any announcements about its radar plans at this time, but the company won’t be long in coming with the system on the Gold Wing. This model has always been the company’s technological pinnacle, and Honda is unlikely to be pleased that the competition has a new safety system that the Gold Wing lacks.

In addition, it is not yet known whether the current generation Gold Wing will need upgrades to meet Euro 5. Honda has not yet unveiled the 2021 Gold Wing, and while it is possible that the 1833cc six-cylinder in its current version will successfully pass emissions tests, it is officially this has not been confirmed. This means that some interesting improvements may still appear in the 2021 model.

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