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Honda interrupts motorcycle production due to cyberattack

Honda representatives on social media have confirmed that their corporate network has recently been subjected to a cyberattack. On June 8, 2020, the manufacturer said that a number of the company’s electronic services are experiencing “technical difficulties”… It was subsequently confirmed that “there was a cyberattack on Honda’s corporate network”

The attack was registered early Monday morning, June 8th. It was caused by a computer virus that spread across Honda’s network and restricted employee access to the company’s internal servers, software, and email.

11 factories around the world

The company then confirmed that the attack had to shut down 11 businesses around the world, including operations in Japan, Turkey, Italy, Brazil, India, the United Kingdom and the United States. Most of the factories were restored, but the car factory in Turkey and the motorcycle factories in India and Brazil were closed until at least June 10.

At the moment, we are investigating the causes of the failure and restoring the operation of our services, ”the company said in another statement. “A network outage hit a number of production processes, leading to some changes in the production schedule. The business processes, including the document flow of our dealer network, were not affected by the problems.

Honda, however, emphasizes that no personal data was harmed as a result of the attack.

The Chief Security Advisor advised that “What is happening looks like a consequence of the malware used by ransomware. It is designed to attack industrial networks.” According to the British publication, the number of cyberattacks is currently on the rise due to the unstable economic and political environment. Hackers take advantage of the confusion created by the pandemic and the related fears by fraudulently forcing their victims to open infected files and thereby inject malicious software onto corporate networks.

Despite the attack, Honda does not expect the delay to have a significant impact on their business. -We are taking the necessary measures to minimize damage and restore the full-fledged work of all departments: production, sales and development.

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