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Honda patent for a drone built into a motorcycle

Honda patent for a drone built into a motorcycle

Drones are rapidly becoming indispensable in the modern world – whether for video filming, even as a delivery system for purchases, not to mention fire detection systems. But what can I say, even shepherds in the wild steppes enjoy using drones. But you hardly ever thought that one of them is necessary for you in your motorcycle.

Honda wants to integrate a drone into a motorcycle

But Honda thought about it. Their design office has filed a patent application for a drone built into a motorcycle. It is quite obvious that this is not a matter of the near future, but the creative thought of the developers often stretches forward for decades … In short, the new patent describes a four-screw drone parked in the tail of a motorcycle. The essence of the idea is that it is a completely autonomous drone, capable of leaving its compartment on command and automatically returning to recharge when needed.

Why build it into a motorcycle, you ask? You are not alone. Even in the Honda patent itself, this issue is practically not disclosed – it simply lists examples of using drones without explanation.why you can’t carry it with you in your suitcase. Among potential applications for drones, Honda sees the delivery of charged batteries for electric motorcycles, which solves the issue of the range, but the current level of technology cannot create a drone small enough to be carried in the tail of a motorcycle, yet powerful enough to carry a battery on itself. A more realistic option is a remote traffic jam monitoring system that monitors the road and reports traffic problems to the rider before they can be seen from the ground. Also, the drone can be used as a kind of intermediate repeater, expanding the range of wireless communication of the motorcycle or to notify the special services in case of an accident. Another fun application for a drone mounted on a motorcycle is as additional cooling fans that pull hot air out of the radiator.

Given that drones, communications systems, and motorcycles are pretty mundane things, it doesn’t seem clear what Honda wants to patent. Apparently, the main innovation of a drone mounted on a motorcycle is a foldable propeller rotation system, which makes the quadcopter compact enough to fit into the tail compartment of a motorcycle, but in open space unfolds into a large enough area

It’s also worth noting that in the Honda sketches, the drone is mounted on an electric sport bike. Little is clear from the sketchy sketches, but of all the options available, Honda chose the most interesting, given the stunning 2011 RC-E concept and the long-standing efforts of Mugen (a sports tuning company founded by Soichiro Honda’s son) on the TT Zero, which have always been thought to be related. with the development of an electric bike under the auspices of Honda.

Ural motorcycle droneUral motorcycle drone

Of course, this isn’t the first time drones and motorcycles have been discussed in the same context. Honda was overtaken by none other than Ural, which in 2018 released a motorcycle with a sidecar, into which a DJI Spark drone was built. As in the Honda patent, Ural meant the use of a drone as an additional observer in order to observe the path from a height. Unlike Honda, Ural did not create a patent application, but a finished model, minus the fact that the drone was not automatic, but manual control from the passenger seat. It is on the display of the remote control from the copter “navigator” sees what is happening ahead.

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