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Honda’s roadmap for 2024-2050

Honda plans to launch at least four electric motorcycles on the market by 2024, focusing on the quick-release battery replacement standard developed by Honda in collaboration with the rest of the Japanese Big Four and European companies Piaggio and KTM.

Honda plan 2024-2050

The plan, announced at a global press conference with Honda President and CEO Toshihiro Mibe, also calls for a complete phase-out of the carbon footprint in all Honda businesses and activities by 2050, and aims to end all accidents by the same date. fatalities associated with Honda cars and motorcycles.

Honda’s commitment to electric vehicles means that the company wants them to account for 40% of the company’s sales worldwide by 2030, 80% by 2035 and 100% by 2040. In terms of motorcycles, Honda does not set such clear goals, but continues to focus on the format of quick-change batteries already used in the PCX Electric e-scooter. This scooter is available on lease in small quantities in Asia, along with the commercial model Benly e and two commercial three-wheeled scooters, the Gyro e and Gyro Canopy e.

Concerning “civil” models that are not intended for business, but for ordinary consumers-individuals, Honda is planning three new models, equivalent to the 50 and 125 cc categories, as well as a number of (unnamed) models that the company representative called “fun” – that is, obviously with significantly higher performance.

The image accompanying the publication illustrates that of the three electric models mentioned, two will be in scooter format, one is quite small (obviously positioned in the category of mopeds), the second is larger, along with the third one that is equivalent in performance to 125cc gasoline models.

Honda's roadmap for 2024-2050

Honda’s plans for more powerful e-bikes are still unclear beyond a vague promise. “present funny electric models”accompanied by the silhouette of something very similar to a sports bike.

Top performance sportbikes

Honda recently published several patents related to electric motorcycles, including information on electric motorcycles based on the CB125R and MSX125 Grom, which could be called “funny” perhaps in the meaning “funny”… But in terms of performance bikes, Honda has been working with Mugen Motorsports for several years now on the winning TT electric racing bikes, and clearly has the technology to give electric bikes the performance of top sport bikes.

Reduce Honda Motorcycle Accidents to Zero

Also in the publication, Honda announced the company’s intention to reduce the number of accidents on Honda motorcycles to zero by 2050. This, of course, implies a desire to equip motorcycles with high-tech accident prevention and warning systems, as is evidenced by recent publications about the radar-equipped versions of the Africa Twin and Gold Wing (you can read more about radar on Honda motorcycles here).

ADAS systems and development plans

Honda also says that by 2030 all of its vehicles delivered to developed countries will be equipped with ADAS (Electronic Assistance Kit), and plans to spend 5 trillion yen over the next six years to develop these systems, regardless of sales efficiency.

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