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How a 100-year-old grandpa manages to cope with a Honda Gold Wing

Wyman Betts in his Honda Gold Wing

The turn of events is sometimes harsh. Trials and disappointments happen in life, and the sad truth is that the waves of life carry us all to the same ending. This is a reality worth accepting.

At the age of 70, and sometimes 80 years, most of us hang a leather jacket on a nail, put our helmet on a shelf and leave riding forever. However, this man’s story goes against what we know about the typical aging process. Just think: he is 100 years old and still rides a motorcycle.

Wyman Betts

Wyman Betts has loved motorcycles for over half a century. It all started with the fact that he went to work on scooters, and fell in love with two-wheeled vehicles and everything connected with it. It is highly likely that he will lead the Bordertown Biker Bash 2020 motorcycle parade in Amherst, Nova Scotia, scheduled for July.

Event organizers worry about Wyman and his ability to lead the convoy, but he is apparently America’s oldest active motorcyclist. When asked what his secret was, he replied simply: “don’t think too far ahead”… His bike is, believe it or not, a 2003 Honda Gold Wing.

Like a 100-year-old grandpa whom friends affectionately call “Ban”“bun” – manages to cope with this rhino weighing almost four centners is completely incomprehensible.

In a recent interview, Bang admitted that he never matured, and it was this state of mind that helped him overcome many of life’s adversities.

100-year-old Wyman Betts with Honda Gold Wing100-year-old Wyman Betts with Honda Gold Wing

It’s kind of funny when a 100-year-old says that at heart he is still a boy with an unquenchable thirst for adrenaline that has helped him live so long and do what he likes. By the way, he is also a fan of small aircraft and until the age of 80 he owned a Cessna 172.

In addition to a life full of positive and fun, Wyman’s secret is that he does not drink, does not smoke, and tries to worry as little as possible. In general, Wyman Betts is a real example of how to live life to the fullest.

Honor and respect to you, Mr. Wyman Betts, keep driving and prove that age is just a number.

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