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How electric scooters and Pornhub are connected

How electric scooters and Pornhub are connected

Quite often it happens that two companies come together to create a common informational occasion, jointly develop technologies, or simply do good deeds together.

Motorcycle manufacturers work in teams with customizers to create unique pieces that go up for a charity auction, or, for example, employ highly skilled craftsmen to design some racing or limited edition configurations.

MiMoto and PornHub

When the Italian scooter rental company MiMoto decided to enter into such a partnership to attract more people to e-scooters, it would be logical to choose one of the thousands of start-ups that make e-scooters as partners. But MiMoto decided not to be friends with them yet.

MiMoto decided to place their bet on the power that drives the world. Sex. Rather, porn.

From September 11-13, 2020, Pornhub and MiMoto will offer townspeople a free fifteen-minute ride on the MiMoto e-scooter (15 minutes is, you know, five times three minutes). The purpose of this event is to introduce more people to the electric scooter rental service, develop sustainable habits in users and help people move around with a social distance. The service is still available in Milan, Geneva and Turin.

What does PornHub have to do with it?

It would seem, what does PornHub have to do with it? Well, whether you visit it or not, there is something important to know about this company: they support various areas of environmental activity. And yes, it’s a whole industry “adult entertainment” – but also a powerful eco-activist.

For example, a few years ago, as part of the initiative “Give America Wood” (Give America a tree / riser) the company promised to plant one tree for every 100 video views. The company recently launched an initiative “Beesexual” to support the population of bees and raise public awareness of the dangers of uncontrolled use of pesticides. The project featured an excellent documentary about the life of bees, voiced by porn stars and content producers in a manner characteristic of the industry – the characters sounded like peddlers of pizza and plumbers, but on the screen at that time there were bees pollinating flowers. It’s no secret that plants reproduce in this way, and flowers are their genitals.

MiMoto’s collaboration with PornHub still seems strange, but! The PornHub logo and sonorous name are attracting a lot of attention to the joint project, and the time is now such that it is possible to stay afloat only due to the hype. The main thing is, if you search for news on this topic in Google, think in advance how you will explain your browser history to your home

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