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How else to use a motorcycle in a long distance bike?

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But it should be noted that tourists are different. It is important for someone to quickly get from one city to another in order to assess the infrastructure, someone cares about the road itself, and still others are looking for adventure throughout the trip. If you are a fan of “savage” riding, without the luxury of an overnight stay in a motel, according to all the canons of romance – under the starry sky, then let’s discuss how the motorcycle itself can help you on your journey?

Everything new is well forgotten old

I know quite a few interesting pilots who make up the route in such a way as to spend at least one or two nights outdoors in a tent camp. When you deliberately plan an overnight stay, you usually take a tent with you. Particularly prudent pilots can even get a tent, usually a double one, where you can actually fit a motorcycle.

The tent is often replaced with a special awning or just a good old tarpaulin. This is done in three cases:

  • When you’re not sure if you can get to civilization before nightfall
  • When you do not have the opportunity to take a tent with you for any reason
  • When the tent takes up too much space or weighs too much, and the journey does not require serious study

On the one hand, there are now too many useful tourist gadgets to carry with you an awning / tarp instead of a tent. On the other hand, they have certain advantages. You can use the awning / tarpaulin anywhere and protect not only yourself, but also the motorcycle in a minimum time, when the tent will require a lot of space, and will only cover you and your belongings. This means that you will have to separately spend precious time to cover the motorcycle with a cover, which you also first get out, then unfold …

What am I doing? Let’s say you are not looking for easy ways, so you had a chance to spend the night somewhere between Moscow and Taganrog. The motorcycle is very convenient to use as a support for a tent or the same awning. Our grandfathers and great-grandfathers all over the world did this. Practical, convenient and a motorcycle within a second. You can sleep well. You shouldn’t underestimate this method.

Motorcycle and tent how to use?

When traveling alone or using only your motorcycle as a support, it is ideal to attach the tarpaulin so that it goes over the motorcycle. Then, first of all, you protect the equipment from moisture and other troubles. Even corny condensation will fall on it to a lesser extent, because physically the drops will roll in the opposite direction from the motorcycle, because the top point of the awning is the motorcycle itself. PS If the awning is not stretched parallel to the ground, of course.

Parallel to the ground, the motorcycle awning is convenient to pull up as a shade in the heat during a halt. Stretch it both to the nearest trees and to another motorcycle. In this case, try to adjust the setting of the technique and the tension so as not to disturb the balance of the motorcycles, but it is better to leave a gap in case someone hits one of the motorcycles and it staggers.

Water-repellent textiles are good even when you are traveling with someone on the same motorcycle, because leaving the motorcycle as the basis of your makeshift tent, each of the tourists can sit quietly on the left and right side of the motorcycle, and the ends of the awning are fixed to the ground with pegs or to trees with ropes …

Rain protection

Let’s get back to the idea that you are a desperate traveler and not only risk riding a motorcycle along the Moscow-Taganrog highway, but on the way you still find yourself in the center of the rain front. The question is, of course, like the road to the downpour, slippery. First, you must have an exit from the road to make a stop. Secondly, the same awning or tent. Because, not everyone prefers to stop, they try to fly over the thunderstorm front as soon as possible. If the rain does not promise to end quickly, then no one forbids to quickly throw the awning over the motorcycle and hide from the bad weather in an improvised house. My friend used to go to a gathering of BMW lovers in a “Goose” and spent almost a day in a tent in the fields on the way to Germany due to a wild downpour.


Another plus in the treasury of hidden potential during the trip. A motorcycle as a source of heat brings a lot of trouble, then you press against the pipe with your boot, then you touch the engine with your hand, then in the sun you feel like you are boiling on it alive. However, late in the evening, at night or in the early morning, the warmth from a running motorcycle really warms up, especially in the off-season.

Once, in the off-season, we had to rush through a swampy area, and the temperature was already far below minus, the snow was falling. So, that awkward moment when your friend damages the gas tank and you are like two gophers sitting in the middle of the forest on bogs. And in late autumn it gets dark early, getting out alone is too dark and fraught with sitting down to cucko on the next kilometer. It was funny to spend the night in the forest in such a frost. So, if you make a motorcycle part of a tent, then the heat from a running engine heats it up accordingly. The issue is in the disposal of exhaust gases. But you can first warm up the motorcycle, and only then close the space of the tent.

A separate bonus is the ability to dry wet things. There are cunning pilots who manage to strap wet motorcycle boots to the motorcycle seat so that they dry naturally from the oncoming wind.

As you can see, with the proper skill, a motorcycle is not just a means of transportation. The experience of a tourist teaches that there are no hopeless situations and the motorcycle itself is not a bad tool during any of your travels.

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