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How not to choose equipment?

The choice of a protection kit is so important for a rider of any class and level of training that I will not get tired of repeating this, I will not get tired of considering this issue from all sides. What is the logic behind motorcycle riders when they make offensive mistakes?

Top 10 points:

  1. Purchase without fitting
  2. Purchase for growth
  3. Does not include motorcycle rides
  4. Measured it on and immediately took it off, without amplitude of action
  5. Choosing in favor of replicas or cheap analogues of unknown companies
  6. Do not watch the entire lineup
  7. Do not take into account what they will wear with
  8. Buy “like that guy / girl”
  9. Purchase from hand, so what, what’s grated?
  10. Are not interested in upgrade possibilities, adding useful options

Purchase without fitting

The worst mistake that can be. In general, not a single practicing motorcycle life consultant will let you go without trying on and will trick you so that you, at least for a couple of minutes, are not too lazy and try on your upcoming purchase, even if this is an insignificant part of protection. If this is part of a protective insert in a jacket, take the time to install it and see if you are comfortable with it, than spend even more time and spoil the mood with unnecessary returns or looking for a replacement.

There is even nothing to say about trying on more essential things, it is strictly obligatory.

Purchase for growth

There are real lucky ones who, as a teenager, are not forbidden by their parents to engage in motor sports, or perhaps you joined life on two wheels early enough and travel with your parents as the second number, perhaps you already have your own personal motorcycle. In any case, the human body renews and changes throughout life, but you need to buy equipment for the current body configuration, and not for the one that you expect to receive by next summer. Remember that equipment, like a space suit for an astronaut or a submariner, should fit like a glove and fully protect from any sudden adversity!

Does not include motorcycle rides

When measuring your gear, try to simulate a familiar seating position and leaning toward the handlebars. This is done in order to understand whether your purchase allows you to perform elementary habitual daily activities. A tilt to the steering wheel will show whether the lower back in a new jacket is exposed, whether there will be wind blowing out? How will your hips feel in your new pants?

Measured and removed, no amplitude of action

In addition to the amplitude, to which the previous point with the imitation of landing can be attributed, it is important how long you spent in the protection that you want to buy. Here, like girls buying high-heeled shoes. At first, these shoes are insanely comfortable, especially to sit. Then you can probably walk in them, for the first five or even ten minutes, but then: oh, my legs are tired, I want to put on my arms. Have you chosen a model? Walk around in it, and don’t just look at yourself in the mirror. For one while you go, maybe keep an eye on something else.

Choosing in favor of replicas or cheap analogues of unknown companies

From the category: cheap and cheerful. If a company is little known, this does not mean that it produces slag, but in this case, you should seriously check what and how it produces equipment from. Brand equipment is ALWAYS thoroughly worked out, it is not a problem to find information about it, and user reviews too. Brand counterparts are rarely of the same quality. They can be visually identical, but inside they have completely different cheaper and less reliable filling.

Do not watch the entire lineup

Each brand has whole series with interesting models that differ in a set of options, properties, materials and, of course, design. It happens that a person simply does not know that there are some interesting options in the model range or that they are not available, but they can be ordered. Hence the conclusion, if you are meticulous in the choice of equipment or are looking for something in your soul, then see what else is interesting in your favorite brand.

Do not take into account what they will wear with

I’m not even talking about appearance, although it is undoubtedly much more pleasant when a jacket in the color of motorcycle pants or jersey goes well with a helmet. It just happens that pilots buy the same jersey without taking into account the turtle for it. And then they are surprised to learn that the jersey does not fit on the turtle. Or they take motorcycle pants and don’t measure their knee pads with them. They buy a back, and the jacket can hardly be fastened with it if you exhale and do not breathe at all. How can you choose long gloves to wear on the sleeve of a jacket and try them on without that jacket?

Buy “like that guy / girl”

Sometimes you meet a motorcyclist in the city and you see that the equipment is selected with taste – it makes an impression. Among beginners, who primarily imitate the experienced, it is too often a mistake to buy equipment on the principle of “like that”. The bottom line is that everyone chooses protection for their lifestyle and motorcycle class. Therefore, a cool piece of equipment for one pilot is not always suitable for another. I really like the bright outfit for cross and enduro, but on the V-Star 650, even in top jersey and moto boots, I will look at least ridiculous. The only thing that will remain is to sing Alegrova’s song “I stole you, I stole you”, in order to somehow explain the discrepancy between the equipment and the motorcycle.

Purchase from hand, so what, what’s grated?

We also casually talked about buying from hands. Where is the guarantee that the equipment from the hands did not have serious “injuries” and will work as expected? They resell equipment when it is changed, and the reasons for this are different. Therefore, if you are faced with a choice between new equipment and used equipment, then it would be better to choose the former.

Are not interested in upgrade possibilities, adding useful options

There are models that can be refined. For example, a helmet is a whole field of experimentation, from headsets to changing visors. It happens that when you buy a certain piece of equipment, you think that you can add or remove something to it, but in reality this is not so. Or vice versa, you will be surprised to find out that there are additions and useful innovations for your model.

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