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How the Chinese order design from Porsche

Chinese electric scooter maker Yadea began to blaze a trail in the West when it unveiled the C1S concept at EICMA 2019. Yadea positioned their anticipated new product specifically for the European market, and for this they ordered the design of this model from the Austrian design company Kiska Studio. Now in Europe, the brand already offers several models: G5, C-line, C-Umi and C1S, as well as several electric scooters and electric bicycles.

After the first campaign, Yadea decided to raise the ante by ordering further design work for their products from Studio FA Porsche. The Austrian studio designs products ranging from superyachts and skyscrapers to gaming keyboards. The new creative alliance will enable its members to leverage their expertise in personal mobility and technology.

Studio FA Prosche and Yadea

The merger of Studio FA Prosche and Yadea is not only a design issue, says Roland Heiler, managing director of the design studio. -Two companies are joining together, sharing common values ​​and a passion for design, in an attempt to take the next step forward. We are proud to work with Yadea to create the future of electric scooters.

In addition to the news of the partnership, Yadea unveiled its new electric motor paired with a TTFAR series carbon fiber lithium-ion battery. In addition, a network of battery exchange stations, developed in collaboration with the Taiwanese company Gogoro, was presented, as well as a new security system that allows the owner to unlock their scooter by touching their NFC card, app, Bluetooth, voice command or fingerprint. Finally, Yadea showed off a new on-board electronic system with a large TFT screen, Bluetooth and an AI-based voice assistant.

Since its inception, Yadea has been a pioneer in electric transportation, ”says Yadea CEO Asuka Zeng. -From our extensive investment in development to our focus on product quality and design, we are truly committed to creating a sustainable future with products that bring joy, comfort and safety to their drivers. We are thrilled to be able to take another step towards the Green Era with revolutionary updates to our electric scooter range.

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