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How to buy a motorcycle profitably

More than just buying a motorcycle, many people dream of buying it at a profit. But the concept of “profitable” is very relative. Sometimes it seems that here it is – luck – you grabbed a motorcycle at an average price, and then you start counting: new rubber, new pads, a new chain, engine and transmission oil, here’s another oil seal dripping … and when an incomprehensible ringing starts in the engine, you want to sit down and cry. It turns out that it is profitable to buy a motorcycle, it is to pay the amount that it really is worth, or at least to justify your expectations, without unexpected sad surprises.


It is a rare combination of circumstances to buy a motorcycle successfully by accident, especially one that you yourself did not plan. You can buy really profitable when you are preparing for it and know what you are looking for.

You need to choose a range of models that you are considering for yourself or the only one that sunk into the soul. Next, you should monitor the prices. By the way, catalogs that are publicly available and updated every year can help with this. After evaluating the motorcycle itself, you need to look at the prices for parts and consumables. This can come in handy later when bargaining at the saddle.

Here you need to emphasize that buying an expensive or tortured motorcycle with the last money is a bad idea. Both in the first and in the second case, giving all the savings for the purchase, it turns out that you need to invest more. An expensive motorcycle has expensive maintenance, and a tortured one starts to break down everything in turn.

A profitable motorcycle purchase is a purchase according to your means and capabilities.


Now you are already armed with real prices in the market and this is enough to understand when the seller is insolent, and where you can reasonably bargain. When it comes to finding a motorcycle on classified sites, then it is worth expanding the circle to neighboring cities. Sometimes the bike you are looking for is three to four hours away. If there are friends and acquaintances who will help to transport or a more experienced motorcyclist who will overtake the bike for a glass of coffee and heartfelt gratitude, then why not? As a last resort, who is stopping you from renting a simple Gazelle and bringing a motorcycle from a neighboring city on your own?

Yes, you will spend money on transportation, but if, as a result, you get a fresher and more lively motorcycle, then the purchase is more profitable than taking something battered by life for the same money.

Word of mouth or motorcycle clubs can be a good way to search. Perhaps someone is thinking about selling their bike, but has not posted an ad yet, but here you are: a coincidence – I don’t think so. It’s no secret that many motorcyclists care about who they sell their favorite motorcycle to. I am very pleased when someone from familiar motorcycle clubs offers to buy it to me before selling the motorcycle. Therefore, by contacting the club with a question about buying, you do not lose anything, but what the hell is not kidding?


When is the best time to buy a motorcycle is a million dollar question. In the spring, the excitement begins, so the highest prices are mainly at the beginning of the season. In the middle of summer, the price tags drop slightly as those who haven’t sold their motorcycles start to face the truth and slow down. There will always be someone who wants to change a motorcycle during the height of summer, the more convenient it is to test drive in warm weather. In the fall, free classifieds sites are bursting with offers. On the one hand, these are those who do not want to service the motorcycle – they rode, dithered and threw. Others do not want to bother with winter storage, so they hope to sell the motorcycle just before the cold weather. After the season closes, there is a chance to bargain well and bring down the price of motorcycle maintenance.

In winter, the second wave begins. We talked about this in the article:

It is in winter that motorcycles appear that could not be assembled after an accident, and those motorcycles that did not go under the hammer are getting cheaper.

In autumn or winter, it is convenient to buy bikes that require work on themselves, because if you have a garage and straight arms from the shoulder girdle, you can fix and customize everything you need.

In addition, in winter, the main peak of visits is to motorcycle auction sites, so that the bike can be delivered, cleared through customs and run in.

Buying at auctions

The benefits of buying at auctions depend on the choice of motorcycle. If the goal is to buy cheap, then you need to look for an already inexpensive bike. Experienced people suggest that at serious auctions, grades are set so strictly that sometimes, when you proofread documents and descriptions, it turns out that a motorcycle with fours or even threes is quite lively, and the rating is lowered for such a trifle that is not worth a big investment to fix. The trick is to carefully read every bike you like.

An option may be to buy from a parking lot. But this is for the patient and desperate. Since buying a motorcycle from there is a legally long procedure, by this time payment for idle time in the parking lot is often accumulated, fines will have to be paid and there is no guarantee that the motorcycle is fully functional.

Assemble in parts

There is an opinion that it is cheaper to bring a motorcycle from another country, but to clear it as spare parts, assemble and register it. The method is long, in terms of money it does not really justify itself, but in terms of time, effort and nerves it sometimes costs really more.

It may turn out more profitable if there is a “donor” with documents, but as a spare part you get, for example, a new engine (with documents), “marry” them and now the assembled motorcycle is registered.

These methods are chosen by people who understand what they are going for and are ready to collect their dreams by bolts.


Some people deliberately inflate the price in order to bargain and sell the motorcycle for a little more. But if you find all the flaws during the inspection and reasonably calculate how much this motorcycle really costs, then you may get a good deal. If you yourself are not strong, then why not call an experienced mechanic with you, who will notice what you will not notice?

There are some very stubborn owners who believe that their Honda Steed 400 is heavily used. and your mother-in-law’s age should be as good as a brand new Gold Wing. You argue, call on logic and Torah, but the owner does not want to realize the real value of the motorcycle. In this case, you can leave him your phone number or just follow the ad in case that after some time the price tag will become adequate. As practice shows, after six months or a year, the owner of fabulous ambitions turns out to be much more accommodating to bargaining.

Common motorcycle models are always sold quickly and easily, because there are no problems with finding spare parts and information, but rare ones are long and painful. A rare model for an amateur and the owners understand that the more unique the motorcycle, the more difficult it is with its maintenance and search for spare parts. In addition, unique models are obviously more expensive, and there is not always a buyer, even if the motorcycle matches the price.

Outcome: buying a motorcycle at a bargain is, first of all, meeting reality and expectations. Finding the right model for its real price is labor, and also the time that is spent on preparation and searching. The motorcycle you are looking for may be in a nearby town or go on sale in a month. As experienced tourists say: whoever is looking for it will run into it.

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