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How to care for a chrome motorcycle properly

Among the associations that people cite when they mention motorcycles, chrome will definitely be named. Let not in the first rows, but in the top ten for sure. Indeed, chrome parts on the bike look expensive and rich, add status and visually decorate the motorcycle. Chrome makes the details visually bulkier, more textured.

With the chrome condition, you can quickly assess the motorcycle’s past, how it was looked after and whether there were any accidents. The catch with chrome is that all scratches, scuffs and dents are noticeable, especially in bright sunlight. To restore the coating, paint over like scratches on the tank, will not work. Because of these complications, some riders deliberately change chrome parts for similar ones without such a vulnerable coating. They do not want to suffer and worry about scratches. And those who are pleased to see the shine of metal should take proper care of its condition.

Don’t scratch

Chrome scratches are the first thing every motorcycle owner encounters. The most important rule is that it is not recommended to wipe and dry dirt from chrome parts. Any sand or large particles under the fabric will act like an abrasive. It is then that “cobwebs” of stains and scratches appear.

To rinse and clean chrome, you need to follow simple rules:

– Parts must be cold. Do not wash or polish chrome while the pipes and engine are still hot! Chromium is generally very sensitive to temperature extremes. Perhaps someone remembers how grandfathers used to lubricate chrome parts left for storage with grease for the winter and even wrap them in rags.

– If it is possible to first blow the chrome-plated parts with a strong air stream, for example, from a blow gun, then this is the easiest way to remove large particles. After blowing, the probability of sanding the coating will be less, because only adhering dust will remain.

– Use only soft fabrics such as velvet or microfiber. Be sure to check that there are no foreign objects, pellets or adhering sand in the fabric! You can also take soft sponges.

– Use warm and soapy water, do not wipe dirt and dust dry. Just wash it off.

– Use specialized chromium products. We will not advertise brands, but the market offers pastes and varnishes for chrome. If you choose polishing pastes, these are always fine grained options.

– Grandfather’s methods for returning shine say that if you mix chalk, tooth powder and ammonia, then the resulting mushy mixture can also be polished with a chrome coating, like a special paste.

– After careful processing, it is allowed to cover the part with a transparent varnish for chrome.

Bituminous spots

Both motorcyclists and motorists encounter bituminous spots. So-so cashback from driving on the new asphalt! What to do if you arrive at the garage and notice bitumen stains on the exhaust pipe? Although in general bitumen makes the whole motorcycle, you find traces on the tank, on the suspension, and on the disks … you walk around the motorcycle – you get mad.

All the same grandfathers bequeathed to use a solvent or white spirit to remove all this disgrace. A bottle of chemical costs like a cup of coffee. Cheap and angry. However, progress has stepped forward, a special solvent for bitumen stains has appeared, but it is not always easy to find it in stores.

Thus, chrome care is not that difficult as long as you pay attention to the little things.

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