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How to carry more things on your motorcycle

If you compose the top reproaches in the direction of motorcycles, then after “they are all suicide bombers and reckless drivers” in second or third place will certainly appear the item “you can’t take much.”

Let’s be honest, if people need to carry a lot of things, they buy a roomy car or trailer. But it happens when a motorcyclist really needs to take a lot, for example, on a trip. We have already talked about travels earlier:

Let’s take a look at what else you need to consider so that you can fit enough stuff on the bike and advice on what not to do.

Reasonable approach

Before storing everything on your bike, you need to understand what the maximum carrying capacity of your motorcycle is. It is not for nothing that they write different numbers in manuals. There are legends that they help to operate the motorcycle correctly.

To take away a lot, you will have to play “Lego” for some time in order to correctly distribute the weight. Imagine that you are not completing a motorcycle, but a mountain backpack with which you need to travel a long distance. And what is the principle there?


There are items that you don’t need to carry on a motorcycle, no matter how much you want to. These are too oversized, long or tall objects that will affect not only the balance, but also the air resistance, will sail or even risk catching on something along the road.

Anything that will interfere with motorcycle control should be either moved, or disassembled, or not taken at all. Yes, yes, if the oversized cargo can be disassembled into smaller parts, it would be better to do this so that instead of a large plane there is a small handbag.

Evaluate sensibly which of the things is really useful, and which can be delivered to the place in some other way. I personally know tourists who send the necessary equipment by a transport company to themselves to another city at the point of final arrival. For example, you go on a long trip, but leave a city with a cold climate in a hot one – on vacation. Logically, you need to take your clothes with you during the off-season and on a beach vacation. The guys I knew sent themselves summer clothes to the city, where summer begins on their route, so as not to carry tens of kilometers of “dead weight”. Before leaving home, seasonal clothing was sent back in the same way and traveled only with the right set of equipment.

The same can be done with any other items that do not make sense to just roll on the trunk.

Obvious solutions

The obvious solutions for the transportation of things are the use of bags, luggage nets, backpacks and wardrobe trunks.

Bags can be very different in capacity, materials of manufacture, fastening method and other parameters. Is it enough to decide what you need? Side bags are great when there are a lot of things. The main problem is the correct distribution of weight, so that neither side outweighs.

For me personally, the most profitable is the use of a tank bag. Everything is at hand in it – no need to take off your backpack or fumble in wardrobe trunks.

On long journeys, it is best to put a first aid kit in the tank bag, because in an emergency there will be no time to rummage in side bags or a backpack.

As for motorized wardrobe trunks, experienced tourists may have both bags and wardrobe trunks. Travelers often combine. Motorcycle trunks are attached at the level of the trunk or rear fender, and bags are thrown on top of them to use the trunk lid as a reference plane.

This is all a matter of personal choice. Just consider the weight of the case versus the weight of the luggage bags. If there is a struggle for every gram, then the bags may be lighter. One drawback is that the bags do not protect things as well as the dense walls of the wardrobe trunk when falling.

Luggage racks and how not to do it

Luggage nets, they are also spider nets, are common enough to form their fans and enemies. Some use them and do not know the troubles, others say that the hooks scratch the motorcycle cover at the place of the fastener. Much depends on the shape of the “tail” and the place to which the luggage net is attached.

Hint: nothing prevents you from gluing masking tape under the hooks on the inside of the wing or part of the plastic so that the hooks do not spoil the coating and scrub over any other material that can also be glued at the point of contact.

Luggage nets are good to use even when your luggage is already towering over the seat. Once again, pull things over – there will be no harm if securely fastened.

But there is one important point about reliability. Sometimes motorcyclists use elastic cords with hooks instead of mesh, rewind things a couple of times, hook them and go. I strongly advise against doing this! If, for some reason, the hook opens, the worst thing will not be the loss of things, but the end of the cord getting into the chain or wheel!

Hint: I personally like to use car seat belts. These are easy to get at any auto dismantling site for “thanks for stopping by.” The point is that the belts are long, wide and very tight. They can once again pull things over and not scratch the varnish coating.

Roof racks and trailers

There are motorcycles, the manufacturer of which has taken care of the presence of a trailer. Yes, it is not as maneuverable as we would like, but then everyone is with them and the flies do not bite. Another thing is that not everyone can get this trailer and not at once. This option is suitable only for those who have thought and prepared in advance.

You can improvise with trunks. There are ready-made options that, with a bit of ingenuity, can really be attached to a motorcycle, or you can suffer a little and do it yourself for yourself. This year I met a traveler who, in one cruise, crossed Russia along from edge to edge. In order to transport all the necessary things, his mechanic made an improvised trunk out of metal pipes. The trunk is fastened with latches, it fits everything on such a long route.

The third option is the presence of a “back”, which is common on choppers. You can attach most of the things to it and not worry that the mesh will scratch the varnish.


Take the advice of financiers who say that putting all your eggs in one basket is a bad idea. If you have a lot of things, put something in your bags, put something in your backpack, something in your wardrobe trunk. Functional backpacks help out many motorcyclists.

Only the requirement for the safety of movement with such baggage and the reliability of its fastening will remain unchanged.

We also talked about baggage for travel in the article “Baggage to a Dalnyak or How to Take More?”

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