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How to load a motorcycle into a pickup or trailer correctly

The question of loading a motorcycle into the back of a van, pickup truck or trailer arises when it is necessary to transport it. Most often, the transportation of the bike is required either when buying / selling a motorcycle, or if the equipment is sports equipment that is prohibited from appearing on public roads. Throwing a motocross motorcycle or an enduro into the body is much easier than a large “tourist” or a sport bike. For those who are faced with such a task for the first time, it may seem easy only at first glance. Questions begin directly at the high side of the pickup.

Let’s consider how to load a motorcycle for transportation.

Use a ladder or its substitute

The easiest and most commonplace way is to use a ladder or build it from available tools. The ladder is a long strip along which the motorcycle is rolled into the body. It so happens that a car arrives for transportation and does not have a ladder, or the driver thinks that the motorcyclist has his own in the garage. Then adventure and improvisation begins in its purest form.

If there is no special ladder, then instead of it, boards connected together are used, or something that can support the weight of the motorcycle and will allow it to roll in. The width of the ladder is just as important as the angle of inclination. It will be more difficult to dive with a narrow ladder. At any moment the wheel can slip off, then the fall cannot be avoided. The wide ladder can be climbed with the motorcycle, which makes the task easier.

Some drivers use large boxes as an alternative method or out of desperation. You need to understand that this trick works more effectively with motorcycles with a short wheelbase. It is better not to take risks with oversized models and load with the help of a second person. First, they put the front wheel on the box, then they lift it and put it in the body, then the rear wheel is lifted onto the box, and then the whole motorcycle is rolled in. The box is also useful for lowering the bike when there is no ladder. In fact, the box is used to save human strength and hedge when you are not sure that you will be able to “throw” the bike in one jerk.

A friend’s help while loading the motorcycle into a tall body will never be superfluous.

And yes, there is no need to try to ride the motorcycle up the gangway into the body. The web is full of videos of how it ends: rarely with success, more often with injuries and nasty giggling of eyewitnesses.

Hills or ramps

It’s amazing how quickly ideas are found, if you don’t get out of the situation in obvious ways. When circumstances turn out for the worse: there is no ladder, there is nothing to make it out of, the side of the car is high, the motorcycle is heavy … you can use the area around. It happens to be a quest, but there is still no choice.

Your goal is to reduce the distance from the motorcycle to the side in every possible way. Ideally, find a ramp or hill where you can roll your motorcycle, adjust the car to it, and finish loading.

Mechanical forklifts

There are systems that allow you to load a motorcycle into the body at the touch of a button, but let’s be honest: not every car can install them, not everyone needs this system so much.

Riders who often carry motorcycles with them choose vehicles that initially allow bikes to be immersed. It is not in vain that athletes make workshops on wheels from minibuses and vans. Low board – minimum of problems. And in a pickup, you constantly carry a city or racing motorcycle, no one will be in their right mind.

Correct grip

When they load a motorcycle, they grab onto anything that comes to hand. Especially when the bike is difficult to hold and threatens to collapse. Nobody wants to get expensive repairs. This is how torn wires, pulled out cables, scratched plastic appear … And also a torn back or strains from the owner himself.

It is best to take a motorcycle for lifting or lowering by strong and large parts – suspension, frame. The handlebars of the motorcycle are turned so that the wheel can be placed sideways, then it will not roll and there will be a greater grip of the tire with the surface of the pivot point.

When the handlebars are turned to the side, the edge of the fork at the very center of the wheel becomes a very comfortable place to grip. According to the principle of traction with weights, it is enough to sit down, it is convenient to grab the edge of the fork and the handlebar, push the front of the motorcycle up and put it inside a pickup or trailer. No need to lift weights with a round back, it will end badly, especially for your back. Athletes know a lot about lifting heavy iron, none of them do sets with a round back. If you’ve never lifted weights, it’s worth seeing how athletes do it. Heavy lifting techniques will save you and the motorcycle from injury.

The same principle applies to the rear of the suspension, the edge of the swingarm and the tail, but not to the plastic.


There are craftsmen who come up with whole harness systems, use ropes and secure themselves with ropes. Sometimes they even load a motorcycle alone due to a well-thought-out rope scheme. It is difficult to advise anything here, since the methods and places of attachment are different. This approach is not suitable for everyone.

If you are considering the likelihood of frequent transportation of your motorcycle, you need to attend to the presence of a ladder and thereby solve most of your loading problems.

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