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How to open the motorcycle season correctly?

There are many different tips written about riding a motorcycle in spring, however, I want to collect as much useful information as possible in one article. So, what do we know about the opening of the motorcycle season and the first trips to the city?

When is the best time to start the motorcycle season?

There will always be those who did not close the season at all and those who are in a hurry to leave the dusty garage immediately at the first temperature rises, even if only temporary. The early opening of the motorcycle season, as a blueprint, gives rise to reports of accidents from loss of control due to almost zero tire grip. This is the main cause of accidents in the spring.

It is natural to watch according to the weather, when the road surface no longer looks like a skating rink and the air temperature allows the rubber to warm up, you do not freeze and calmly make routes on business.

The beginning of April is quite safe to start driving after winter hibernation, although you should always make allowances for the region.

The main distinguishing feature for the opening time of the season is the stability of the positive temperature. With sharp drops, there is a risk of getting into an icy area, freezing yourself or getting a charge for a long sick leave.

Preparing the motorcycle

This was discussed earlier in the articles:

“What should be kept in mind during the opening of the motorcycle season?”

“How to re-preserve a motorcycle”

Separately, I would like to add that you should plan to replace consumables and even order them in advance so as not to waste time searching, delivering or buying at the most inopportune moment. This is a classic, when in the midst of the season the resource of some oil seal or bearing ends, the brake pad suddenly dies, and you have not prepared for this and waste time on unnecessary wandering around the shops. I could have traveled on business! At this point, there is only one conclusion – the preparation must be as thorough as possible!

Practice skills

If you have not ridden in the winter and have not trained on special sites, then the motor skills of the arms and legs are most likely not the same. Practicing skills does not take much time, but it makes it possible to check the motorcycle’s performance, listen to extraneous sounds, evaluate the motorcycle’s reaction and responsiveness to braking, clutch, gear shifting. In addition, if you plan to go to the official opening of the motorcycle season in order to proudly walk in a convoy around the city (“Why do newbies need to ride to the official opening of the motorcycle season?”) And just ride with friends, it is useful to refresh your memory on the principles of driving in a column: “How to overtake in motorcycle if you are riding in a group? “.

Features of weather and road

Spring weather, as well as in autumn, differs in the length of daylight hours. Many people forget that with warming in the evening / morning it will not be as bright as in summer, it is too early for this. This means that you definitely need to have a transparent visor with you, use pinlocks, prepare for driving at dusk and for the visor fogging up.

Spring does not fall into spring, but sometimes it is still slush by the time the season opens. The mud that has accumulated throughout the winter reigns on the roads as it is. Dust and sand rolls along the edges of the roadway, forming whole sandboxes in the center between the lanes. It makes sense to carry a cover with you so that the dirt of the road does not end up on the motorcycle while you are parked.

Possible temperature changes force you to use warmer equipment and not put a raincoat out of your bag, just in case.

In the morning, there may be light icing on the road, on which the wheel will slip. “Three Tips for City Biker Survival”.

Route planning

Traditionally, motorists forget about motorcyclists during the winter. Therefore, it remains to leave with extreme caution, showing an ardent distrust of other road users.

The question is different: how much has changed on the streets over the winter? Everyone has heard about the love of repairing roads in the snow, that with the snow the asphalt itself often melts. How not cool, and you have not traveled for how long? Two or three months? It makes sense to see if anything has changed during this time on the maps of your city. Perhaps, somewhere another road repair, and somewhere they could have put a new sign or a camera.

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