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How to overcome fear after a motorcycle accident?

Rumor has it that there are no motorcyclists who do not fall off a motorcycle at least once. If we consider the reasons why people give up their lives as a motorcyclist, then the top selection will narrow down to three points:

  • Family life
  • High cost
  • Emergency

People who choose a motorcycle realize that this is one of the most dangerous machines. And yes, those who pompously argue that the car is supposedly better, for some reason are silent that the car is also trite simpler. Driving a motorcycle is an art that is many times more difficult than driving a car. It is believed that the life of a motorcyclist is divided into “before the purchase” and “after the purchase”. But in fact, it is divided into “before the accident” and “after the accident.”

How can you overcome the fear that spontaneously appears after a serious accident?

  • Awareness
  • Increasing experience, developing skills
  • Concentrating on the positive side
  • Communication with other motorcyclists


Fear is the fruit of a person’s mental activity. In general, liberation from many misfortunes lies through awareness. Understand what exactly you are afraid of? Repetitions of the accident? Of death? Afraid to crash your motorcycle or get injured? If you spend some time on introspection, on accepting what has happened, then fear will gradually fade into the background, only a clear perception of what happened will remain. The main goal of this awareness is the idea: an accident can happen to any person, at any time, through the fault of any road user. Accident, this is a lottery in the likeness of Russian roulette, you never know when it will shoot!

On the other hand, an accident shows the danger of driving a motorcycle. Not everyone who has looked death in the eye are ready to meet her again earlier than expected.

Once you’ve identified what exactly scares you, you can start solving the problem. Afraid of getting hurt? Then swap out your gear for the most powerful gear you can buy. An acquaintance of mine bought a motorcycle just to get off the track at the speeds of a powder keg. He chose a wild sport bike, which he drove only at night and only on highways. Morally preparing for the consequences, he ordered obscenely expensive equipment that cost more than the bike itself. The bottom line is that at one not-so-great moment he lost control and flew out of the corner at a speed of about 180 km / h, but survived thanks to a miracle and equipment. Celebrates now this day as a second birthday, and the bike could not be restored, and after that the equipment was only in the trash can.

Are you intimidated by the possibility of crashing a motorcycle? Put protective bars, cages, today there are many ways to protect a motorcycle in case of a fall (article on this topic “Protective bars, safety cages and sliders on a motorcycle”).

Afraid of just getting into an accident? Drive with the utmost care, do not violate traffic rules, train your skills!

Increasing experience, developing skills

When you figured out the situation, but the veins still treacherously shake when increasing the speed to second gear, only the development of skills will help to regain control confidence.

Why did the accident happen? What were your actions? Where did you go wrong? All these problems will have to be solved at the training site. Consult an experienced instructor, develop your driving skills. Look at the situation through the eyes of an experienced athlete: analysis, training, a new fight. And so until you reach the champion title – otherwise, the iron of victories is not forged.

As you gain experience, self-confidence will begin to overwhelm your fear. You will understand that you are driving a motorcycle, you feel it, which means that you should react more correctly than the last time. The previous accident should be your first real baptism of fire, the cornerstone of your skill foundation. Most are lost in a stalemate, but you’ve already been in this shoes!

And one more thing, there are steady reviews, they say, if you don’t start driving in the near future after the accident, fear will develop and take root. But I personally think that when there is a big gap in driving after an accident, motor skills and skills will suffer in the first place.

It is more logical to start working on mistakes in hot pursuit than to stomp in uncertainty for a long time and to develop motor skills again after, say, six months.

Concentrating on the positive side

People tend to cycle on bad things. After an accident, an avalanche of negativity will fall on you in the spirit of:

– We said you would crash!

– The car is better, it is safer!

– Sell this bike!

And a sea of ​​similar exclamations, which are like hydrochloric acid on sore wounds on top of the cost of repair and problems with the traffic police. Here it is not a long time to go into despair with your head and drown in negativity. Remember what you like about the life of a motorcyclist? Why did you choose this activity? Is the pleasure of a motorcycle worth the risk that will always be on the road?

I am sure that many people find an outlet in positive memories, even looking at the bike that was destroyed after the accident. Isn’t it motivation to return your favorite motorcycle to service in order to feel again what was so pleasing before? Make plans, go “there”, take part in the race and the like. This will help you get in shape faster because the goal will appear.

Communication with other motorcyclists

In any deadlock situation, more experienced, adequate people save the day. If you are afraid that the accident will happen again, talk to other motorcyclists. Many were involved in road accidents, some even received serious injuries, but then they still returned to duty. It turns out that there is something stronger than fear?

A case from life: I have a friend, his liter Honda was cut by an impudent Mercedes. A motorcycle on its side, a friend has a hip fracture, despite the fact that he is a regular motorcyclist and did not ride without equipment. It was just that the blow was so strong that the equipment did not save me from a fracture. The motorist tried to make the motorcyclist extreme. The friend had no choice but to defend himself according to the letter of the law right from the hospital ward. Lie under a drip and study the legislation to defend the truth. After the hospital, he took up the repair of the Honda, which took a long time. But a year later, he already left for the opening of the season, closing the accident case in his favor. Such stories are inspiring and respectful. Perhaps you will tell someone yours.

Sometimes the fear of the road after an accident is caused by self-doubt, but after talking with other motorcyclists, you can understand that accidents are not so rare, it happens to everyone, and whether to return to service is a personal choice of each pilot. A choice that will have to be worked out well.

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