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How to overtake on a motorcycle if you are riding in a group?

Riding in a group, especially in the city, sometimes gets in trouble. As the saying goes: if you want to go fast – go alone. We are not talking about rabid groups that gather for the sake of “rides”, so that later they can hear in the back a bunch of exclamations from the civilian population, who are not in a hurry for the next world, but nervously twitch or freeze at the sight of a multicolored horde of sports bikes.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights, primarily overtaking. I remember that my friends opened the motorcycle season with a “fun” accident on the track, when the daring jikser accelerated and did not calculate the trajectory in overtaking, as a result he kissed the rear wheel of the guy in front of the Kawasaki. In fact, he knocked out his own friend in the convoy, which caused both of them to collapse into a slippery slope. It was lucky that the rest managed to rush into the loose, slow down, leave the trajectory. We did not reach the gathering place for the opening of the motorcycle season, while they were collecting plastic along the way, taking the guys to the garage.

How to behave on the road when there are a lot of you?

The first law of movement in a group is “chess” riding. Even if two motorcycles are placed in a strip parallel to each other, all this is great, peace, friendship, chewing gum … And everyone should have a place to maneuver. No matter how confident you are in your brakes, masterful control abilities and Flash’s reaction speed, on the road you never know where it will come from.

An added bonus would not be superfluous to get a language of simple signs, if this is your constant company. Not everyone has a headset for communication, sometimes a banal hint from a friend about a danger that is not visible to you saves your life.

Take turns to overtake

No matter how obvious this idea may seem, but in our country, unfortunately, not everything is banal in front of a traffic light. And when your horde is moving at a speed close to the permitted speed or higher than it, someone is afraid to lag behind their comrades and a total overtaking begins in a crowd.

Wait, are you sure there is enough room ahead to accommodate your entire convoy as long as a couple of vans?

But what if there, behind that jeep, there are only places for the first two scouts?

And if the window is generally imaginary, a friend will try to slow down, and you are already flying after him to overtake?

Do not start overtaking immediately after the motorcycle in front. Let him complete the maneuver.

Group movement speed

Let’s emphasize right away that not everyone in your group can have the same driving experience, not all motorcycles deliver the same power. Choose a speed that is average for all participants, so as not to pick up a friend later on the pavement.

There are other places for racing. Before leaving, agree on a plan of action. If someone wants to let the motorcycle breathe, let them warn you that they are taking off. The rest can go at their own cruising speed and not be offended that they say they bought a liter supersport, but you don’t want to wait for me on my training four hundred.

Do not be silent about what in your driving within the team does not suit you. It is better to solve the problem as adults than to refuse to ride with friends, accumulating grievances. Because of this, stupid conflicts really happen. I have a friend who does not like to travel with his wife on motorcycles, because he drowns from 120, or even 150 km / h and more on highways, and she is afraid when the arrow barely exceeds 80. She could not follow him keep up, and he was furious to go slowly. A compromise was found only in driving number two.

The speed in overtaking on a motorcycle should be such that you can clear the trajectory for a friend as soon as possible. Get out of his way and don’t get in the way. Especially if you are driving first. The task of the pilot, who is rearranging next, is to wait long enough so as not to finish his overtaking to the side of a friend.

Remember that when leaving in a group, you are driving TOGETHER, and not arranging races, who will arrive first.

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