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How to sell a motorcycle quickly and profitably

While someone is thinking how to buy a motorcycle, another person sits on the other side of the city and asks the question: how to sell it profitably and quickly? In the age of social media, this seems like an easy thing to do, but there are still little things that drive the sale faster.

We do not consider resellers, commissions and other intermediaries who are happy to look for a buyer for you for a percentage of the transaction. Still, most people sell their equipment on their own.

The motorcycle must be competitive

In order for a motorcycle to find a new owner faster, you need to estimate its real value. To begin with, you will have to spend half an hour or an hour to see for what money similar models of motorcycles are sold in about the same condition. This is necessary in order to find a compromise between the amount you want and the one that you are willing to pay.

When doing this, remember to take two factors into account:

Seasonality – in spring and in the first half of summer, motorcycles are sold more actively, because there is still a whole season ahead! In the fall or winter, motorcycles are bought by those who are ready to work with them in the off-season or just an offer … well, very tempting. In the off-season, buyers are in no hurry. They have a lot of time for reflection and comparative analysis. If there is an opportunity to postpone the sale until spring, then the bike can go under the hammer for more interesting money. If there is no time to wait, then you will have to add “bargaining at the wheel” to the ad in order to attract those who want to argue for the price, but will come to see it.

Model popularity – there are motorcycles that are easier to sell, because they are always in demand, a sea of ​​spare parts and reviews from other users. Another thing is to sell a rare motorcycle or a non-standard one, for which the new owner will have to look for spare parts during the day with fire and for a lot of money. The highly targeted models have been selling longer, you can’t do anything about it.

Based on the conditions in which you sell the motorcycle, you need to set a price and imagine how much you are willing to bargain for.

Start the word of mouth

You can start by posting an ad in motorcycle communities or contact a motorcycle club. This is 100% hitting the target audience.

When you publish an ad on specialized sites, why not make a similar ad with geolocation to a nearby city close to you? Just indicate where the motorcycle is! It happens that the buyer lives in a neighboring town. It is possible that he will like your bike!

And also, for a motorcycle to be liked by a buyer, it must be at least clean. Well-groomed equipment will be bought more willingly.

Honesty is the key to success

It is foolish to write a fake ad “not a bit – not beautiful” if the description is not true. After the first viewing of the motorcycle by the buyer, you can get negative reviews for the ad. Then you have to start over. Some sellers allow themselves to write tempting ads just for the sake of people coming to see. They expect to persuade buyers on the spot. It rarely bears fruit, and by spending someone else’s time deceiving, only spoil your reputation. That’s all.

Write as honestly as possible when and what repair / maintenance was carried out. What is the motorcycle’s mileage and how it was used. Sometimes a simple addition from the category “a girl went and then on weekends” or “traveled to distant places, traveled half of the continent” – can already tell a lot about the bike.

The honest reason for the sale also disposes: “I want a more powerful motorcycle”, “now a family man, I need a minivan and a baby carriage”, “I want to change the class of a motorcycle”, “life’s difficulties, I urgently need money”.

A complete description will eliminate the need for you to tell the same thing ten times. And buyers are more likely to consider an ad with a detailed set of information. To do this, it is not necessary to rewrite the entire manual, it is enough to indicate the most basic. What would you like to know about a motorcycle when planning to buy? Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer and describe your bike.

Don’t forget about quality photos! People love with their eyes, beautiful photos will attract attention much earlier than a good description. On the question of honesty, sometimes, in order not to take their photos, some exhibit other people’s pictures of the same model. Here is the question of the relationship between the picture and reality.

In any case, you need to understand that a motorcycle is an amateur product. Therefore, the more adequate the description and the price, the sooner you can sell it.

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