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How to stay awake while driving a motorcycle on the road

It’s no secret that long journeys behind the wheel begin to exhaust you, and delight and excitement from the beginning of the movement of hours after five to seven continuous driving begins to give way to irritability, fatigue and drowsiness. Of course, if the body requires sleep, you need to give it to him, than then sleep in the hospital after the accident and read in the reports: “The driver fell asleep at the wheel.” However, some routes require you to complete the matter and get to your destination no matter what. For example, if you have already booked a hotel room or the weather is intriguing, there is simply no time to make big breaks. Although even half an hour of nap will give the brain the desired rest in order to return at least some concentration and attention to traffic.

So what else can a motorcyclist do to ward off sleepiness and invigorate?

Toning drinks

No, this is not about energy and coffee. First you need to understand that a dehydrated body gets tired faster. If you notice that you are starting to feel sleepy, then it is very possible that your brain is tormented by thirst. Sometimes travelers try to drink less water, so as not to make frequent stops “in the bushes”, but at the same time risk earning premature fatigue. If you look at athletes or rescuers, these guys often drink water for future use. After all, when it already “cuts out” from a few sips, the effect will not be instantaneous.

If a long journey awaits you, why not prepare a thermos of hot tea with you? So that there are more ginger, lemon and spicy spices! So, to take a sip once and the eye twitched at once! Pu-erh tones up well, even if not everyone loves its taste of burial ground, nevertheless it helps out. In general, what to brew is a matter of personal taste and preference, but a thermos can both warm and invigorate. Discard energetics for the most extreme case, because under their influence the body makes a sharp splash, swaggers, and after a few hours there will be no more powder in the flasks – you will be completely exhausted.

Personally, on long trips, I brew tea with honey to give the body energy at its expense. And if there is no honey on the way, you have to brew with an increased amount of sugar. At the same time, you should not seize tea with heavy food, because the brain will switch to the stomach and will want to sleep even more.

Less comfort – more attention

The more comfortable and secure we feel, the more we relax and lose our vigilance. To cheer up, you can open the visor for a short moment. Not so that the eyes were watering and all the flies and dust from the road flew, but barely – to chill the face, to feel the wind.

You can also cheer up with the coolness of the jacket’s slightly unzipped zipper, so that for a couple of minutes you get the effect of a contrast shower… But you don’t need to take off your gloves, your fingers freeze very quickly, and your motor skills will still come in handy!

Elementary exercises

From sitting in one position, the body becomes numb, blood and lymph stagnate, hence also drowsiness. In the first case, you can stop and do the simplest exercises from bends to jumping in place, walking and squatting. In the second case, you do the exercises right on the go – stand on the footrests, straighten your legs. Doing things that will not be dangerous to you or those around you.

Add external stimuli

To begin with, you will have to work with your eyes more often. It is easy to lose control and fall asleep when the monotonous landscape literally hypnotizes you, especially if you only look at the markings. We’ll have to look at the side of the road more often and look at the horizon just so as not to “stick”.

You are much more likely to fall asleep when nothing irritates your nerve cells. Car enthusiasts are often advised to chew gum, gnaw seeds, peel and eat an orange. A motorcyclist can get off with a strong peppermint candy that needs to be sucked.

If there is a headset and a passenger or other driver to contact, how about talking? There is nobody to talk to – we turn on the music and sing. Jokes are jokes, but the toastmaster himself is also a way not to zakemarit.

Leave early in the morning

If you are preparing for a big trip, then try to leave early, even if you like to sleep. Daylight is also a natural irritant that will make it difficult to fall asleep on the go. It is important to take into account that by the end of the route, when you are already really tired, the road will still be viewed relatively well compared to nighttime twilight.

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