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Icon 1000 – an incredible level of style and quality

Every outfit manufacturer has a gem that stands out from the rest. Undoubtedly, in Icon in each section, you can find something unique and argue that will take the place of the cherry on the cake among the developer’s proposals.

– What kind of outfit do you imagine when you mention Icon?

How many of you remembered the Timax series? Thinking about flashy helmets? How many consider the Icon 1000 premium series the best?

Icon 1000 – how is it different and for whom is it suitable?

At Icon, wondered what kind of equipment for urban riders should be, in which pilots would look brutal on any motorcycle and have a good level of protection? The second question faced by the manufacturer – what equipment should be in order to allow a person to feel comfortable outside the motorcycle in a city environment?

You know this feeling when the equipment hinders movement outside the motorcycle, as passers-by sometimes turn around in the streets, in shops or cafes when you enter in full uniform? Sometimes you feel like an astronaut looking for his Houston to tell him about the problems of this world. Therefore, Icon has thought about solving such problems.

The main distinguishing features of the Icon 1000 series are:

  • Selection of quality materials
  • More detailed elaboration of details
  • Exclusive vintage look

The owners of the Icon 1000 series are usually urban dwellers. The equipment shows itself well on long-distance routes, but it is not a permanent tourist equipment. It’s hard to imagine her on a cross or enduro track. Although the company is not at all opposed to your experiments!

But in the city … whether you are the owner of a sprotbike, naked, chopper, any other motorcycle, the convenience and performance will show themselves! Icon 1000 is chosen by townspeople who make rare long trips or travel to the suburbs, but their main life is concentrated in megacities and is not limited to driving. It was the idea of ​​creating equipment that does not limit the pilot that led the developers to create such an original line. Are you active but don’t want your gear to get in your way on the streets, during meetings and in other situations? Pay attention to Icon.

The reverse side of the medal: due to the specific cut of some models, the peculiarities of elaboration, various pilots have questions about the length of the models, sizes and other subtleties of operation. Here I would like to meticulously remind you that any equipment is selected taking into account:

  • the motorcycle you will ride
  • other equipment with which you will wear the selected model. If this is a jacket, what will you wear under it, with what gloves, how will it fasten with your motorcycle shirts? If you choose motorcycle pants, what kind of motorcycle boots are you planning to wear, will the “back” be refueled in them, will there be knee pads under them?
  • And please don’t forget to consider the manufacturer’s comments.

What’s in the Icon 1000 line?

The lineup is quite wide. In it you can see offers for both textile and leather models! The manufacturer recommends a range of helmets that are great for Icon aficionados and won’t spoil the vintage-worn Mad Max rebellious look. Among them we find Icon Airframe Pro Construct, Icon Airframe Pro Ghost Carbon and the distinctive Icon Variant Battlescar. Bright street helmets will kill the oily smell of noble antiquity and army restraint. That is why in Icon 1000 the echoes of military equipment of the old school are read in places, it is with this dangerous handwriting that it attracts attention, instead of bright prints.

The ruler can be divided into several parts. The equipment itself, in particular for riding a motorcycle:

  • Helmets
  • Motorcycle jackets
  • Trousers
  • Motorcycle jeans
  • Jersey
  • Motobots
  • Moto gloves
  • Buff

The second part will be considered developments for everyday life, such as:

  • T-shirts
  • Caps
  • Hats
  • Shawls
  • Belts
  • Keychains
  • Wallets
  • Backpacks

Another gift from Icon

There is talk about the marketing of Icon, but wait, who else, while creating atmosphere, style and quality, will bother so much about unique content? Did you know there are amazing projects with links to Icon 1000? Some short films are worth something. No, these are not empty advertisements, but stories for motorcyclists who are ready to accept or throw a challenge, themselves or anyone else!

Icon 1000 – are you ready to move on?

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