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Icon Battlescar Sand Quarry Champion – Becomes a Legend

Icon is a company that has firmly taken the position of one of the most thoughtful in terms of level and style of motorcycle equipment in the world. Previously, we considered two well-known rulers that are easy to distinguish among others:

“Icon Timax – Feel Like a Dark Knight”

It’s time to review another original version of the design solution – Icon Battlescar! I note right away that Icon Battlescar has a division into Icon Battlescar and Battlescar 2, where the latter is distinguished by its original camouflage colors.

Have you noticed how successful developments created on the basis of military / tactical equipment are scattered among motorcyclists? And the echoes of the military cut and color scheme in Battlescar are extremely difficult to miss!

Some of the models in the Icon Battlescar are now discontinued, although they are still a favorite among motorcyclists and impress with their striking design. As practice shows, even discontinued models then while away their lives for a long time, sometimes pass from hand to hand. They continue to look for or select protection to match the style. Let’s take a look at what the equipment is, the name of which reads Battlescar, what could be found in it and how to supplement Icon Battlescar if you are a fan of its military look, army rigor and marching versatility.

A helmet, the development of which gives positive feedback on the ratio of weight, strength and durability. Do you know why? In the list of materials for creating a helmet, we notice mixtures of fiberglass with carbon fiber, a composite shell in an alloy with ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene of increased strength (Dynema).

The aerodynamics were improved with the help of a wind tunnel, and a visor, spied on by the designers from the endurists, was a sudden successful solution. Still, the helmet is designed for an active motorcyclist who easily cuts through city traffic jams, and also allows himself to hooligan outside the city.

The ventilation levels are adjustable. That being said, the Variant helmets are generally commendable for the ventilation system. The visor, which gives a great view without restricting you with narrow frames, is loved by motorcyclists for its field of view.

Users are very pleased with the lining, which is easy to unfasten.

As for the design, here Icon, as always, is at its best, because the combat harsh appearance of the helmet makes people wonder where the pilot has visited before, has he been in alterations and has he seen the Valhalla gates? But a couple of three scratches received by the owner will only complement the entourage, and will not spoil its appearance.

Unfortunately, this model has been discontinued and is now becoming another legend among the company’s interesting proposals.

Battlescar – sometimes called the armadillo style, and since it is about armor, where is it without a carapace?

A protective vest, as an alternative to a jacket, because the series is conceived for the warm season. Even its sandy color suggests the idea of ​​trails in hot deserts.

Built-in air ducts and mesh tabs, yes, even more ventilation! And all why? Because among the materials there are Airmash breathable textiles. The articulated system, protection along the entire spine, D3O inserts, as well as chest plates guarantee protection for the pilot.

Adjustable waistcoat straps allow you to fix it to your figure, as well as wear it under a jacket or over other clothing of different density.

Icon Raiden UX WP Motorcycle Jacket

In case you feel chilly in your vest or the weather hints that a jacket won’t be superfluous, Icon has practical jackets available in a variety of colors. And yes, the Battlescar color scheme has been encountered among them before. Now we offer:

“Icon Raiden UX WP Black Motorcycle Jacket”

“Icon Raiden UX WP Hi-Viz Motorcycle Jacket”

“Icon Raiden UX WP Orange Motorcycle Jacket”

Actually, the jacket has a lot of advantages! It is completely waterproof, but the four-way patented HYCOR elastic membrane technology does not impede airflow! Sealed seam protection and waterproof zippers. The center zipper boasts YKK AquaGuard technology.

Users are pleasantly pleased with the soft collar with microfleece, detachable lining and hood, which allow them to navigate the weather not only in heavy rains, but also in the heat.

The jacket has a D3O protection kit.

Another model that has been discontinued. She has a Battlescar colorway version!

Soft cow leather gloves, light summer version of short motorized gloves. Good ventilation due to perforations on the inside.

What else can you add to your Battlescar outfit?

Icon Battlescar pairs well with the Icon 1000 Series, where you can choose from motorcycle pants / motorcycle jeans and motorcycle boots of different heights. Battlescar draws attention with echoes of tactical camouflage and cut – we see them in the Icon 1000, where at first glance, restrained tones echo the cut of military equipment. It is not for nothing that the Icon Variant Battlescar helmet is one of the recommended in combination with the 1000 series, so if you managed to buy models that were discontinued, you will still find an add-on for them!

The Icon Raiden series is also worthy of attention, because it is equally good both in the metropolis and on the tourist routes.

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