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Icon D3O Vest review – lightweight and durable safety vest

So many laudatory ballads have been sung to the elastic protection of D3O that only a pedestrian has not heard about it. In the meantime, Icon has a new vest and, preparing for the next season, it’s time to consider what is so interesting that the restless manufacturer offers a motorcycle rider.

By the way, there is plenty to choose from for body protection. We have already considered the available options:

Icon D3O Vest safety vest – what is it?

Initially, any vest in itself implies protection of only the person’s torso: the back and chest. Long sleeves are not expected from a vest, instead of which elbow pads are used for a set. The new vest features a number of innovations, including:

– Low profile so it can be worn under tight-fitting clothing. Elastic straps allow you to adjust the fit for any configuration of the human body. This is a light version of the vest that does not look bulky and does not become a problem when paired with outerwear.

Many motorcyclists prefer the built-in protection of a motorcycle jacket in combination with additional back protection, and since the motorcycle vest is much tighter to the body, it also protects more effectively. Icon decided to make a vest that would be easy to combine with outerwear, because some companies have both turtles and vests that are not always comfortable to use with a jacket.

– Custom made articulated plastic plates with D3O inserts. The plates themselves are made by injection molding.

Chest protection plate tested and certified according to FprEN 1621-3 2017 level 2 Back plate tested and certified according to EN 1621-2: 2014 level 2.

Among other models of protective vests Icon D3O Vest is recognizable due to the “tail” covering the tailbone. From the point of view of mobility, everything is correct. If you make the model closed at the lumbar level, then during a sporty landing or leaning towards the tank / handlebars of the motorcycle, the pilot may be uncomfortable because the edge of the vest will rest against the belt of the motorcycle pants. And so the “tail” is tucked into the trousers or can be taken off altogether, nothing else constrains the movements.

On the other hand, this openness from the waist to the abdomen in the vest has one obvious disadvantage. The only fly in the ointment in this barrel of honey is the open abdomen. Abdominal injuries are as dangerous as head or spine injuries. The trouble with abdominal injuries is that bleeding or rupture of organs must be found, and there is not always time for this. The accumulation of organs in one area in close proximity to each other gives doctors serious problems during the diagnosis of injuries.

In defense of the manufacturer, it should be noted that in addition to Icon, there are other brands whose models have a closely related design, except perhaps without extended coccyx protection. Therefore, let’s not poke a finger, after all Icon tried to create a vest specifically for combination with outerwear in the first place, which means that the stomach there will be covered, though not by D3O, but probably by other wear-resistant and durable fabrics.

In case of riding in hot weather, this vest is also considered, as it has a chic level of ventilation. Motorcyclists are always hot in summer, with such a vest you can not be afraid of overheating the body.

Important addition

A trifle for which you need to separately thank the manufacturer – the presence of a medical card with the ICE owner’s data.I can already see how skeptics raise their eyes to the ceiling:

– Yes, of course, as if ambulance doctors in some district town were warned that Icon D3O Vest has a secret with the medical data of a motorcyclist. They won’t guess where to look!

Yes, for doctors, the outfit of a motorcyclist is often a torment, a small quest for ingenuity, how to remove and not worsen the patient’s condition. But if the motorcyclists themselves do not know that such a vest has a card, the contents of which can save someone’s life, then what to expect from the doctors? You can become an eyewitness of an accident, it would be nice not to be a participant, but one way or another, gradually the knowledge that some equipment of motorcyclists has such cards will spread among people. Another question is whether the motorcyclist will fill it in himself?

Many have prejudices, omens and superstitions.

“Icon medallion: superstition, gimmick or marketing?”

Some motorcyclists refuse to fill in their data, as the soldiers during the Great Patriotic War did not fill the soldiers’ capsule, stored threads with a needle or something else in them, they considered it a bad omen. You and I understand that anything can happen on the road. What if there is an accident and an urgent blood transfusion is needed? And you know that in such a vest there is a card, and it says what blood type the motorcyclist has, where he is from and who to call. This is half the battle.

Is this vest worthy of attention? Of course, especially if you consider it as the main element of protection for the summer and as an additional one under a jacket.

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